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Webinar: Moving Beyond Metrics: Balancing Quality with Quantity

To truly focus on the customer experience and deliver high quality, consistent service, there needs to be a balance between metrics and quality. It takes a combination of metrics, monitoring, coaching, training, and effectively communicating to consistently deliver a high quality customer experience that you can measure and promote. Additionally, it is important to know that delivering “excellent customer experience” does not require perfection. In fact, a focus on perfection often leads to customer dissatisfaction and negative employee morale. 

Listen to this webinar to take the imperfect path to excellence and learn:

  • The difference between efficiency and effectiveness (value) metrics
  • Where to focus to create a quality customer experience (tips on call, incident, and knowledge monitoring)
  • How to achieve the balance of efficiency and quality (reporting, quality monitoring, coaching, and training)
  • The skills that differentiate EXTRAORDINARY customer service from good or great service

Take Aways include:

  • Sample reports
  • Quality score card templates
  • Check list for skills that differentiate levels of service

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Dealing With Scrooge and Other Villains: A Holiday Course in Difficult People

It is that time of year for warmth, good cheer, and fellowship. But do you have customers, co-workers, or bosses who never got the memo? Communications skills expert, bestselling author and practicing psychotherapist Rich Gallagher will help you warm up your interpersonal skills, and teach you how to deal with some of the "characters" in your working life:

  • Scrooge: He has a word for everything, and it's always "no."
  • The Snow Queen: Can passionately and intelligently discuss any position as long as it's hers.
  • Jack Frost: That icy, passive-aggressive person who always leaves a chill in the air.
  • The Little Drummer Boy: Loudly stirs up drama when you least expect it.
  • The Angry Villagers: Customers who rise up on social media and elsewhere to criticize you.

Using evidence-based principles of strength-based communication, plus Rich's vast experience with managing difficult workplace situations, this on-demand webinar will help brighten your holidays with brand new tools for working effectively with anyone!

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Just Listen: Tips From a Former FBI Negotiation Trainer on How to Get Through To Anyone

Hear Dr. Mark Goulston, a clinical psychiatrist who honed his skills as an FBI/police hostage negotiation trainer and author of the best-selling book Just Listen, as he explores how to increase your ability to get through to anyone – even your most challenging customers!

Mark presents tips that come from his "9 basic rules" and "12 quick techniques" that you can use to effectively persuade and communicate with others.

In this interactive webinar, you will learn:

  • How to get through to others in difficult situations
  • How to get people to buy into your ideas
  • How to use specific persuasive techniques with bosses, co-workers, customers and even angry strangers

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[WATCH & LEARN] - From Customer Crisis to Excellent Service: Lessons for the Whole Organization

What is the value of your very worst customer situations? For author and former customer service executive Rich Gallagher, they involve skills that help create sustained best-of-class service, and can dramatically turn around the performance of customer contact environments.

In this on-demand webinar based on his new best-selling book The Customer Service Survival Kit, learn how to utilize the skills of handling difficult customer situations to create a culture of excellence throughout your entire organization.

Topics include:

  • Creating a service culture of excellence
  • Integrating crisis communications skills into your employee onboarding and training
  • Managing internal conflict
  • Fostering individual and career growth
  • Building organization-wide communications skills

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[WATCH & LEARN] - Your Worst Service and Support Situations -Solved!

Remember that horrible customer service situation you were in? Learn how to handle some of the worst customer situations you can imagine in customer contact environments!

Hear support industry expert Rich Gallagher, author of The Customer Service Survival Kit, as he demonstrates how to survive and solve those support situations.

In addition, you will hear Rich answer attendee’s questions on their own worst-case scenarios.

Watch this webinar and learn how to:

- Manage expectations when they demand what they can’t have
- Execute when everything goes wrong
- Service recovery: When you are at fault
- Quell a social media firestorm

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