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Ventana Research Releases Agent Desktop Benchmark Research
Ventana Research has released its latest Benchmark Research, The Unified Agent Desktop and the Customer Experience. The research shows that the primary channel for customer service remains interaction with agents in contact centers. Currently, fewer than half (47%) of participating organizations said that their customers are satisfied with their customer service or how their contact centers handle interactions. This has led nearly three-quarters (74%) of participants to say that improving customer service is very important while just over one-half(53%) feel that improving contact center performance is equally as important.

The real challenge lies in providing every agent with a unified view of customer data. If an agent has to scour multiple sources of data to resolve conflicts or provide service, they risk the loss of the customerís confidence, or worse the loss of the customer altogether. As technologies continue to advance, the need to implement a unified desktop becomes increasingly more important. Participants hoping to improve response time while enabling customers to communicate through more channels will need to better align their planned technology investments with these goals. Based on the research a unified desktop is currently used in just 28% of participantís contact centers. While 23% plan to implement within the next 12 months, another 23% have no intention of investing in a unified agent desktop.

Research Reveals Major Fault Line Separating the Board Room, Marketing Suite, and Contact Center Threatens Customer Experience
New research reveals critical areas where organizations are falling short in addressing todayís growing expectations and demands for smart customer service. The study identified a number of key challenges that threaten organizations ability to provide ďsmartĒ customer service. These include:

  • Companies are using new channels to support customer engagement, but they donít understand how and why customers are using those channels.
  • Customer service and the contact center are still not viewed as having strategic importance.
  • Marketing and customer service investment decisions remain siloed, at the expense of the customer experience.
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