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Industry Research Research Insight: First Contact Resolution

Successfully addressing your customer's need the first time they contact you - or better known as First Contact Resolution (FCR) - is an important metric for any support organization to measure. In many cases, a higher level of FCR can be directly correlated to higher customer satisfaction levels, which leads to increased customer loyalty. According to recent survey in March 2010 by, 59.7% of support professionals responding indicated their company currently measures FCR.

Saving money is another benefit of increasing your FCR rate. Cost per contact at Level 1 is lower than if the incident is escalated to Level 2. By increasing the FCR rate by utilizing skills or task based routing or some other method, support organizations can see a direct, quantifiable impact on the bottom line. In addition, eliminating the need for the customer to follow up with your organization a second time on the same issue also makes them more satisfied and reduces overall call volume.

The same survey asked support professionals what percentage of their support incidents are escalated to Level 2.  38%  of respondents reported that less than 20% of calls are escalated. Interestingly, nearly 27% reported they do not measure this at all.

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