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Best Practices for Workload Distribution and Dynamic Employee Engagement

As demands increase and budgets tighten, organizations that can respond to customer requests in a timely manner will not only gain a competitive advantage, but they will also minimize costs and optimize resources. To do so requires a contact center and back office staffed with the right people available at the right time in order to meet predetermined service levels.

To find out how your company can answer these challenges, review Best Practices for Workload Distribution and Dynamic Employee Engagement. This four-part series of articles, authored by Bradley J. Baumunk, President of B. Baumunk and Associates, offers valuable food for thought for those attempting to deliver a seamless customer experience, improve employee productivity, and enhance corporate profitability.

This informative series features:
  • Rethinking Contact Center and Back Office Processes: The Challengers of Achieving Balance and Consistency

  • Staffing and Workload Management: Challenges and Opportunities

  • The Importance of Proper Hiring, Training, Career Path Development, Skilling, and Routing

  • Sustained Management: Changing the Game with Genesys iWD

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    [Full Article]   Dec-03-2010


    White Paper: Social Media and the Customer Experience

    Social media provides an opportunity for your organization to improve its products, services and customer experiences by leveraging these unique social platforms to not only monitor the chatter taking place there, but to actively engage with and support your customers in an application of their choosing. Discover the importance of incorporating social media into your multi-channel customer service strategy.

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    [Full Article]   Nov-02-2010

  Research Results: Self-Service Support

    Moving your customers to self-service is the goal of virtually every support operation. By allowing customers to solve their own issues, organizations can realize multiple benefits including increased satisfaction, lower costs and reduced call volumes. But what kind of results are companies today actually seeing?

    In an effort to find out, conducted a survey in September 2010 on the topic of self-service support, with nearly 50 service executives participating. An overwhelmingly majority (85.7%) of respondents offer their customers self-service, but only half (51%) of respondents are able to confidently measure their customer’s adoption of self-service.

    Click here to get a full copy of the results:
    [Full Article]   Oct-08-2010


    White Paper: Customer Service in a Challenging Economy

    Ask yourself these 5 questions to analyze whether your organization is providing a customer service experience that differentiates you from your competition, and then implement a plan to take action.

    1. Where are you hard to do business with? Consider your website, phone system, email response time, physical layout, process and policies.
    2. What rules do you need to eliminate? Most rules are written for 3% of your customers.
    3. Are you one mistake away from losing a customer?
    4. Who needs to go? The right people are crucial to your company's success.
    5. Would you want to do business with your organization?

    Read this white paper to discover strategies for improving the customer experience.

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    [Full Article]   Jul-15-2010


    Service and Support Whitepaper: Knowledge Management is NOT an Add-on!

    A vendor with a knowledgebase module for sale is telling you that they think knowledge is an extra, a side dish to the CRM main course. Nothing could be further from the truth. Knowledge management must be the core of any successful service and support deployment, not an add-on module.

    Knowledge is power, but only when it is deeply integrated into the customer experience, the agent experience and the enabling technology.

    In this paper industry thought leaders David Kay and Tim Hines explore the astonishing power of knowledge to support every channel, speed problem resolution and drive a better customer experience.

    Read the free white paper now, compliments of Consona.
    [Full Article]   Jun-17-2010


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