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Research Results --The Distributed Workplace: The Challenges of Support

To determine the specific challenges IT service desks face in supporting distributed and mobile workforces, conducted a survey in November 2008 targeting support executives representing a range of vertical industries, including technology, healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing. The survey, sponsored by SupportSoft Inc., was designed to explore the increasing pressures faced by support organizations as they attempt to serve employees operating outside traditional, centralized work environments. It examines technologies and processes organizations have put in place to provide remote support, and the kinds of IT problems remote and mobile workers are experiencing.

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[Full Article]   Mar-02-2010


White Paper: Communications Skills for Remote Support

by Richard Gallagher, Point of Contact Group

Today's support transaction is a little more like meeting someone for lunch than reading scripts over a telephone, and like a powerful close-up mirror, these transactions can magnify both the strengths and weaknesses of your interpersonal skills and the quality of your support delivery. At an organizational level, these skills can in turn have a tremendous influence on your bottom line.

The good news is that specific, procedural techniques can dramatically change the effectiveness of your remote support agents, and give them the confidence to handle any support situation live on a customer's own computer.

This white paper, authored by communication skills expert Rich Gallagher and sponsored by LogMeIn, Inc., walks you through four specific steps that will help supercharge your customer relationships in an era of remote support.

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[Full Article]   Sep-02-2009


2009 Service and Support Metrics Survey: Research Results

This year's survey results highlight support organizationsí continued adoption of better-integrated and responsive technologies, efforts to improve processes, and growing recognition of the strategic role of service delivery in corporate growth. Key metrics to benchmark your support operation are also captured.

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[Full Article]   Jun-03-2009


Best Practices for Coaching Your Support Team to Handle Anything

This white paper, authored by Richard S. Gallagher, Point of Contact Group, provides a step-by-step game plan for solving your support agents' worst nightmares, based on the author's experience in successfully "turning around" support performance, as well as current research in the psychology of how we communicate with people. In the process, you will learn how specific, procedural skills -- both for how your agents respond to customers, and how you coach your team -- can change everything about how your interact with customers, in a way that will impact both your support metrics and your bottom line.

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[Full Article]   Jan-14-2009 White Paper: Changing The Way We Do Change

In today's unforgiving economy, a single mistake can compromise your productivity and cause your customers to run to the competition. Yet global 2000 IT organizations continue to squander billions of dollars annually through lost productivity and lost revenue opportunities because they fail to automate and continuously improve their business processes.

Learn how the adoption of the ITIL-based Incident, Problem and Change processes, supported by a single point of contact (SPOC) Service Desk has enabled IT organizations to gain efficiencies in their support operations.

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[Full Article]   Jan-05-2009


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