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Contributed Articles Research: Average Speed to Answer, Wait Time and Handle Time

Today, computers and mobile phones enable us to access information immediately, and in almost any location. It is in this environment that our customer's expectations have also evolved - they want to have their service and support inquiries answered and resolved immediately. A recent survey of 50 senior-level service and support professionals asked participants what their Average Speed to Answer was. The largest majority - 32% - reported it took one minute or more to answer.

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[Full Article]   Jun-08-2010 Research: 2010 Service and Leadership Trends in Customer Support

This groundbreaking survey assesses the state of customer service issues in the customer support industry: How our customers and agents are doing, how we are managing people and measuring performance, how effective our training and coaching is, and how we are using technology to get closer to customers. It is meant to be a snapshot of what we in the support industry fundamentally do and how well we do it.

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[Full Article]   May-12-2010 Research Insight: Effectively Measuring Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is critical to the success and profitability of any business. But what exactly is it? Customer loyalty can be defined as the feelings or attitudes that would cause a customer to consider re-purchasing a particular product or service, continue to do business with a company or be faithful to a specific brand.

A recent survey of senior-level service and support professionals found that while most companies recognize the importance of customer loyalty, they vary on how they actually measure it. When asked if they currently measure customer loyalty in terms of customer profitability including revenue contribution, customer references and referrals, nearly 62% of participants reported that they do not.

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[Full Article]   May-04-2010 Research Insight: Cost Per Contact (Phone & E-Mail)

One question on the minds of many support professionals is how their organization's support costs measure up to what other's are achieving. In an effort to gain insight into this question, recently asked members to report their cost per contact for both the phone and e-mail channels. Nearly 70% of respondents report that the cost per for the phone channel is $24 or less at level 1, and 54% of respondents report their cost per e-mail for Level 1 is less than $10.

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[Full Article]   Apr-13-2010 Research Insight: First Contact Resolution

Successfully addressing your customer's need the first time they contact you - or better known as First Contact Resolution (FCR) - is an important metric for any support organization to measure. In many cases, a higher level of FCR can be directly correlated to higher customer satisfaction levels, which leads to increased customer loyalty. According to recent survey in March 2010 by, 59.7% of support professionals responding indicated their company currently measures FCR.

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