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The 2012 Service & Support Snapshot: 5 Support Trends That Will Change Your Business in 2012 conducted our annual survey examining the state of enterprise customer service and support in November of 2011. The survey found the following:

-- Renewed growth in support volumes and budgets after a long period of economic stagnation.

-- A decisive shift in support channels.

-- Continued weakness in customer adoption of social media in support.

-- The clear establishment of cloud-based solutions and remote support as standards in the industry.

This year's survey also shows that while this industry has matured on many fronts, 2012 will represent a year of continued substantive change. The industry has turned the corner from traditional telephone hotlines to a world of online services, cloud-based tools, and collaborative environments.

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[Full Article]   Mar-15-2012 White Paper - Six Trends Every Support Organization Should Know

What does support look like at your company – and how about for your peers? This groundbreaking survey pulls back the curtains on the actual support infrastructure of nearly 500 organizations. This white paper goes under the hood to see what tools and processes drive current support operations and discusses the six trends every support organization must know.

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[Full Article]   Sep-07-2011


White Paper: Best Practices For Improving Your Support Center

Though savvy businesses have long recognized the power of customer service as a differentiator, more than a few find themselves playing catch-up as its impact as a corporate image-shaper grows. The Internet has been a game-changer for service, providing the platform for customers to trumpet their happiness or discontent to a ready audience. They're putting providers on notice that they have power beyond their individual spending.

Companies that take this notice to heart understand they must deliver the best possible experience each time they get the opportunity and, further, leverage every opportunity to deepen customer relationships. Ultimately, delivering that experience depends on ready access to accurate customer data. It's a straightforward goal, but creating high-level customer visibility into customer data and making it accessible to relevant parties -- agents, partners, customers -- requires that support organizations surmount a number of inherent challenges. On the technology front, current best practices for meeting these challenges call for deploying:

-- Integrated customer service application suites
-- Multichannel service delivery
-- Realtime and historical reporting and analysis
-- Adaptable workflow

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[Full Article]   May-02-2011


White Paper: 2011 Trends in Web-Driven Service and Support

Not so long ago, service and support vendors and practitioners could discuss their industry and mention the Internet in passing -- a novelty that might someday hold promise as a platform for their customer-facing applications. Today, the industry is at a point where it can nearly remove references to the web altogether when talking about the latest shocking service slight, clever customer comeback, hot or cool technology, application platform, or snarky tech community, because it's almost a given that's where the action's taking place.

And a lot of action there is. This white paper reveals the latest trends in web-driven service and support delivery in 2011.

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[Full Article]   Apr-05-2011


2011 Survey Results: How Support Behaviors are Changing for Mobile and Social Media Environments

Just a few short years ago, the idea of a dedicated mobile support strategy seemed ludicrous for most people. Even the best smartphones were often crippled by low-resolution displays, limited functionality, and incompatible Web browsers. Users often struggled with all but the most basic document editing and e-commerce tasks, and many saw these devices as good for little more than checking e-mail and keeping their calendars up to date.

Today, the line between mobile devices and computers is blurring constantly. Newer smartphones have substantial memory and storage, greatly improved processing power, and increasingly serviceable Internet and applications capabilities. And with the advent of small, portable tablet devices such as the iPad, the capability gap between a mobile device and a laptop computer is smaller than ever.

The use in social media in support follows a very similar storyline. Chances are that a couple of years ago real support meant contacting a call center or a dedicated web site; Facebook or Twitter were websites your teenage children used, and getting support through social media seemed about as logical as embedding it in your favorite video game.

To gain insight as to how mobile and social media environments are impacting support environments, and Citrix Online sponsored a survey in late 2010 to assess the impact of mobile and social media environments on support, with over 200 responses.

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[Full Article]   Mar-25-2011


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