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Dealing With Scrooge and Other Villains: A Holiday Course in Difficult People

It is that time of year for warmth, good cheer, and fellowship. But do you have customers, co-workers, or bosses who never got the memo? Communications skills expert, bestselling author and practicing psychotherapist Rich Gallagher will help you warm up your interpersonal skills, and teach you how to deal with some of the "characters" in your working life. Using evidence-based principles of strength-based communication, plus Rich's vast experience with managing difficult workplace situations, this on-demand webinar will help brighten your holidays with brand new tools for working effectively with anyone!
[More...]   Dec-12-2013


Webinar: The Customer Service Survival Kit: How to Defuse Even the Worst Customer Situations

Hear support industry expert Rich Gallagher and learn how to use the skills of hostage negotiators, crisis counselors and law enforcement professionals to handle your worst customer situations.

This webinar celebrated the national release of Rich's new book The Customer Service Survival Kit.

Watch this live webinar to learn how to:

- Deliver bad news in a safe way
- Use the "ladder of acknowledgement"
- Defuse anger by "leaning into" it
- Become immune to intimidation
- And much more

View the webinar today!
[More...]   Mar-29-2013


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