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Required Reading

Innovation at Work: 55 Activities to Spark Your Team's Creativity by Richard Brynteson

Designed for managers, team leaders, and trainers looking to promote innovation at work, the book is packed with 55 activities to help participants: employ "visioning" and "brainwriting" processes to achieve breakthroughs; cultivate a sense of curiosity and inquisitiveness; utilize methods of deep observation; build networks for open source innovation and creative collaboration; use images to spark ideas and connections; develop out-of-the-box techniques for problemsolving; deal with failure successfully and productively; and, Spot trends and determine "the next step".

"Innovation at Work" contains worksheets, questions, and case studies to inspire discussion as well as assessments for determining managers' openness to innovation.
[More About This Book]   Sep-09-2012


Well Said!: Presentations and Conversations That Get Results by Darlene Price

Whether you’re making a formal presentation, wooing a client, closing a sale, or proposing an idea, persuasive communication can make the difference between success and failure.
Well Said! shows readers how to put themselves in their audience’s shoes and tailor their message to the needs of decision makers. It reveals simple but powerful techniques anyone can use to prioritize, organize, and economize their words so that their communications are concise, clear, and -- most importantly -- convincing. Complete with real-life examples illustrating the concepts in action.
[More About This Book]   Aug-26-2012


The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner

For more than 25 years, The Leadership Challenge has been the most trusted source on becoming a better leader, selling more than 2 million copies in over 20 languages since its first publication. Based on Kouzes and Posner's extensive global research, this all-new edition casts their enduring work in context for today's world, proving how leadership is a relationship that must be nurtured and, most important, that it can be learned.
[More About This Book]   Aug-19-2012


Do Nothing!: How to Stop Over Managing and Become a Great Leader by J.Keith Murnighan

Great leaders don’t work; they facilitate and orchestrate. They think of great strategies and help others implement them. They spend their time preparing for the future. They take a comprehensive view of their terrain while also noticing key details so they can confidently choose the right forks in the road.

Do Nothing!'s practical strategies and true stories will show you how to set high expectations for your team and watch it rise to the challenge. It will help you establish a healthier culture by trusting people more than they expect to be trusted. And it will help you overcome your natural tendencies toward micromanagement so you can let people do their jobs—even when you know you could do their jobs better.
[More About This Book]   Aug-05-2012


The Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything by Michael Saylor

With the perspective of a historian, the precision of a technologist, and the pragmatism of a CEO, Saylor provides a panoramic view of the future mobile world. He describes how:

  • A Harvard education will be available to anyone with the touch of a screen.

  • Cash will become virtual software and crime proof.

  • Cars, homes, fruit, animals, and more will be "tagged" so they can tell you about themselves.

  • Buying an item will be as easy as pointing our mobile device to scan and pay.

  • Land and capital will become more of a liability than an asset.

  • Social mobile media will push all businesses to think and act like software companies.

  • Employment will shift as more service-oriented jobs are automated by mobile software.

  • [More About This Book]   Jul-29-2012


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