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Invaluable Knowledge: Securing Your Company's Technical Expertise by William J. Rothwell

As organizations face a loss of people due to retirement, resignation, or disability, leaders are paying more attention to their talent management strategies, from grooming internal successors to aggressively recruiting from their competitors. The need is most acute in technical and other 'knowledge' areas, where the loss of a particular skill set demands an equally focused response.

"Invaluable Knowledge" clarifies the unique (and urgent) issues of attracting, developing, retaining, and transferring the knowledge of IT professionals, engineers, accountants, analysts, and other specialists. The book's structure follows a typical talent cycle, from identifying recruitment challenges, to hiring and training top talent, to building career development initiatives, and finally, to laying the groundwork for the next generation.
[More About This Book]   Jan-16-2011


Real Business of IT: How CIOs Create and Communicate Value By Richard Hunter and George Westerman

If you're a general manager or CFO, do you feel you're spending too much on IT or wishing you could get better returns from your IT investments? If so, it's time to examine what's behind this IT-as-cost mind-set.

In The Real Business of IT, Richard Hunter and George Westerman reveal that the cost mind-set stems from IT leaders' inability to communicate about the business value they create-so CIOs get stuck discussing budgets rather than their contributions to the organization.
[More About This Book]   Jan-09-2011


Leadership 2030: The Six Megatrends You Need to Understand to Lead Your Company into the Future By Georg Vielmetter, Yvonne Sell

The tumultuous changes of the past decade, including China’s economic rise and the financial meltdown, were just the beginning. The next cataclysmic wave is surging relentlessly ahead, demanding leaders who can steer their companies through complexity and change. Drawn from original research conducted jointly with foresight company Z-Punkt and further analyzed by Hay Group, Leadership 2030 uncovers six megatrends that will dramatically impact organizations’ markets, cultures, systems, and processes:

1. Globalization 2.0: Asia dominates the global economy.
2. Climate change: Sustainability becomes imperative.
3. Individualism: Freedom of choice erodes loyalty.
4. Digitization: Boundaries blur between private and working lives.
5. Demographic changes: Aging populations intensify the talent war.
6. Converging technologies: The sharpest tech shift in history is around the corner. Research findings and case studies provide compelling evidence of each megatrend and highlight the skills, capabilities, and attitudes leaders must cultivate, such as adaptability, collaboration, cultural sensitivity, strategic thinking, meaning creation, and more.
[More About This Book]   Dec-31-1969


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