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Learn How to Handle Irate Customers

No matter how good you are at what you do, what business you are in, or where it is located, you will at some point find yourself facing an irate customer, but perhaps no more so than in a call center. Maybe the product was flawed, a delivery was late, or a charge was inaccurate. How you deal with that customer not only will determine how he or she feels about your organization – or your client’s organization – but how you feel about yourself.
[Full Article]   May-13-2012


Great Customer Service Starts with Empathy

There is no shortage of advice, opinion, theory and technology around the practice of customer service. Some of it good, much of it not. But none of it -- none of it -- will result in a truly exceptional customer service environment if it isn't built around one simple word: Empathy.
[Full Article]   May-06-2012


7 Tips for Managing Virtual Teams

In the past, it was believed that to be an effective and efficient organization, team members should be located together. However, it is more important that team members understand the project goals and objectives whether or not they interact and communicate in the traditional face-to-face manner. There are many moving parts to a virtual team that makes managing them that more difficult. Here are a few tips and techniques to follow.
[Full Article]   May-06-2012


Use the Voice of the Customer as Your Ticket to the Future

Customer Experience (CE) has become the star initiative of senior management looking to enhance revenue and margins. The CE is a huge opportunity for call center directors if they create the capability to measure, guide and enhance it: in some cases, creating the opportunity to become the Chief Customer Officer (CCO). To get the gig, you’ll have to develop a new act and reallocate significant resources away from call handling and call quality and toward collecting and analyzing broader Voice of the Customer information. But, this reallocation could easily create a ten-fold increase in the department’s impact on the company’s bottom line.
[Full Article]   May-06-2012


Turn Your Company into a Customer Platform

Many firms are rethinking their businesses, envisioning themselves less as providers of internally-created products and services, and more as platforms that allow customers to create their own experience and value. This new view and way of operating actually helps companies come closer to achieving the ideal of giving customers what they want, when, where and how they want it. Social media and the Internet, of course, are rapidly creating many of the tools to facilitate this. Let's look at four key steps that organizations can take to move toward this ideal.
[Full Article]   May-06-2012


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