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Becoming the Contact Center of 2015

Customer Experience (CE) has become the mantra of senior management looking to enhance revenue and margins. Forester reports that 86% of companies have an enhanced CE as a significant corporate goal. The CE is also a huge opportunity for call center directors if they create the capability to measure, guide and enhance it. In some cases, call center directors can become the Director of Customer Experience or even Chief Customer Officer (CCO). Therefore, call center directors should shift significant resources away from tactical call quality to collecting and analyzing broader Voice of the Customer information. This reallocation could easily create a ten-fold increase in the departmentís impact on the companyís bottom line.
[Full Article]   Jul-22-2012


There Is No Single Best Measure of Your Customers

Single-question customer metrics have become very popular. Companies all have their favorites. Some go for the traditional Customer Satisfaction measure, others the now famous Net Promoter Score. The most recent addition to this panoply is the increasingly popular Customer Effort Score, which tracks the amount of time and effort that customers have to put into solving after-sales problems. Each claims to be the one metric that managers need to measure, monitor, and act on, because it promises a better correlation with business performance than any other existing measure. So which of these is actually the best?
[Full Article]   Jul-15-2012


How to Be an IT Social Media Star

Social media outlets like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blog networks give IT executives invaluable opportunities to network, improve company operations, learn from other thought leaders and become thought leaders themselves. But the transparent, real-time nature of social media can be daunting. New channels seem to crop up every other week, and real PR disasters can result from the wrong kind of exposure. Even the savviest social media users are still charting their course in these exceptionally muddied waters. How's an IT leader to cope?
[Full Article]   Jul-15-2012


Ten Key Elements of Your Next Contact Center CRM Solution

Purchasing technology for the contact center can be overwhelming -- companies must wade through a variety of vendors, solutions, and options to find the right fit. Here are ten key questions to ask to ensure that a solution will be powerful, cost-effective, and able to grow with your contact center.
[Full Article]   Jul-15-2012


The Value of Irritation Calls

Customer interactions with contact centers can be divided into two broad categories: service calls and irritation calls. Service calls, or contacts through other media channels, occur to purchase a product or service, obtain additional information or assist with implementation and use. Irritation calls, on the other hand, are placed when something goes wrong: the impetus may concern something as simple as delayed shipping; it may involve a knowledge gap in deploying a solution; or it may result from a design flaw in the product itself. Sometimes, irritation calls can also result from poor service by the contact center agent, misinformation or just the inability to achieve first-call resolution (FCR). All these categories represent a different type of failure, and they should each be handled in a different manner.
[Full Article]   Jul-15-2012


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