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How Busy Is Too Busy? Create a Realistic Occupancy Goal for Your Contact Center

In today's economy, most of us have been asked to squeeze more “blood out of a turnip,” (and often this turnip has already been dehydrated to the point it now resembles recycled shoe leather). As a result, we – as leaders in the contact center – are always looking to creatively drive and increase efficiency, and create quick and delightful customer service, as well. To accomplish this, we fully realize we will be increasing pressure on both our “systems,” as well as on our people. But, do we really consider all of the factors in our equation?
[Full Article]   Sep-30-2012


KM in the Cloud

The world of KM technology is ever changing and yet, in some ways, never changing. At its heart is the need to manage and extract value from ever growing volumes of both paper and electronic documents. Yet, as the volume of information and the complexity of doing business today become ever more burdensome, the KM technology must keep adjusting to meet the changing needs of buyers and users. So what is in fashion this year? Well, the biggest area of interest must be cloud.
[Full Article]   Sep-23-2012


5 Easy Steps to Tune Up Agent Performance

Engaged, high-performing agents are the dream of every manager. Yet there's always a wide range of performance from high, to average, to low. If agents perform essentially the same job, why does their performance vary so much? When agents are measured against the same metrics, why do some agents excel while others lag behind? A personalized performance “tune up” for each agent can raise the bar and optimize results.
[Full Article]   Sep-23-2012


15 Ways to Strengthen Your Contact Center

I was recently part of a conference panel discussion designed to share a wide range of ideas on improving call center operations. The rules were simple: Each idea had to be conveyed in less than a minute, and had to be applicable to any type of center. In that spirit, here are 15 ways to strengthen your center (they are presented here in no specific order, and I use the terms call center and contact center interchangeably).
[Full Article]   Sep-23-2012


Shadow IT is Out of the Closet

Shadow IT has burst out of the closet and is waltzing around the corporation, leaving IT departments rushing to do damage control. Lines of business are now getting their own official technology budgets for non-standard software products. Departments can automate a business process in the time it would take to enter IT's development pipeline. Shadow IT has been freshly-labeled "departmental IT." How do we change this? Should it even be changed? Have business units earned the right to assume traditional IT work? These questions will confront executives within and outside IT for the remainder of the decade as corporate governance extends to IT expenditures.
[Full Article]   Sep-23-2012


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