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Why Risk Management Fails in IT

While few small businesses have formal risk management programs, most large business do. The goal is to identify risks and either reduce their potential impact with compensating controls or purchase insurance to further reduce the business risk. But try to translate risk management theories to IT and you run into troubles. Every risk management program starts with the dictate to identify all IT assets and weight them based on their criticality to business operations. That leads to the first big problem.
[Full Article]   Oct-21-2012


Before Installing CRM Systems, Consult Your Org Chart

When installing an ERP, accounting or even HR system, there's no question whom the users will be. It doesn't take long to identify the access privileges each class of user will need, either. CRM systems, though, tend to be more multi-disciplinary, with information tendrils swimming across the organization. Serious CRM systems may interact with Web, marketing, ecommerce, telephony, email, IM, accounting, expense management, contract management, distribution, field service and even compensation systems. This makes for a serious integration challenge and begs the following question: "Who should have access to the CRM, and what should they be able to see and do there?"
[Full Article]   Oct-21-2012


The Key to Great Service is How You Respond to What Customers are Saying

Many enterprises have invested and continue to spend millions of dollars on their customer service and contact center departments. Despite these investments, there are very few examples of companies with a reputation for stellar service, even though delivering an outstanding customer experience is now viewed as a top priority by a large number of executives. What’s wrong with this picture?
[Full Article]   Oct-21-2012


Why Business IT Innovation is so Difficult

Done right, IT has the potential to completely transform business by flattening hierarchies, shrinking supply chains, and speeding communications, says Harvard professor Kristina Steffenson McElheran. Why, then, do so many companies get it wrong?
[Full Article]   Oct-21-2012


Cloud Careers: It's a Seller's Market

IT professionals who have learned to work across traditional borders are the hot ticket in the current cloud-crazy job market. In a cloud-based deployment, there can't be the kind of technology handoffs between silos in IT seen in the past. To achieve the efficiencies of a cloud investment, there has to be staff that can manage the layers of the cloud in cooperation with each other. The exact titles for these new hybrid jobs -- as well as the set of duties to be carried out by the individuals who fill them -- are still in a state of semantic and substantive flux. Some, like cloud architect, cloud software engineer/developer, cloud systems administrator, do indeed make the "cloud" bent quite obvious.
[Full Article]   Oct-14-2012


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