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The Secrets of Generation Flux

Generation Flux is a term coined several months ago in a Fast Company cover story that explained how the dizzying velocity of change in our economy has made chaos the defining feature of modern business. New companies--even industries--rise and fall faster than ever: Witness Apple, Facebook, and Amazon; witness Research in Motion, Blockbuster, and MySpace; witness the iPad and, yes, cloud computing. Generation Flux describes the people who will thrive best in this environment. It is a psychographic, not a demographic--you can be any age and be GenFlux.
[Full Article]   Nov-04-2012


Multitasking Can Lead to Multiple Failures

The expectation that call center agents multitask while doing their jobs is almost as ubiquitous as the requirement that they answer the phone. Unfortunately, people arenít naturally very good at doing two things at once, which means that attempting to multitask can easily lead to service failures. This article looks at two common ways that call center agents are expected to multitask, how that expectation can easily result in poor performance, and what you can do to overcome these challenges.
[Full Article]   Nov-04-2012


5 Steps to Improve your Contact Center Results

Even as the contact center continually evolves to handle new channels and greater complexity, improving the efficiency and productivity of your customer experience agents doesnít have to be complicated. To the contrary, one of the best things you can do right now is to keep it simple, and implementing just a handful of the following key best practices will help to keep you working smarter, not harder. Following these five basic steps can yield impactful results without undergoing a major overhaul of your operations.
[Full Article]   Nov-04-2012


Call Center Reality Check: Do Great Voice Agents also Score Well in Social Media?

The call center industry is undergoing a sea change in the 21st century. Call centers have already morphed into contact centers at savvy businesses, and given evolving customer expectations, multi-channel contact centers will almost inevitably become the norm in the coming days. Contact centers continue to engage customers through traditional channels such as voice/telephone, email and messaging, but also by texting or through new social media channels including Twitter, Facebook or other mobile-based platforms. In response, many firms have either already put into place or are ramping up the capabilities of their new social media-enabled contact centers.
[Full Article]   Nov-04-2012


The Ins and Outs of IT Executive Coaching

Typically, IT professionals haven't taken advantage of such services at the same pace as senior managers in other fields, say coaches, CIOs and other corporate leaders. But that's changing as tech executives -- and their companies -- begin recognizing that IT can gain as much from coaching as others in the C suite. In fact, coaching may be even more beneficial to IT leaders, particularly those who rise through the ranks on the strength of their technical expertise rather than their management experience.
[Full Article]   Oct-28-2012


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