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IT Has Changed, but IT Budgets Haven't

The demands on IT departments keep changing, but their budgeting processes aren't keeping pace. The IT budgeting process at most companies still looks like the same old exercise in containing IT costs. However, IT's new place in business innovation and revenue generation is putting new demands on the budget process.
[Full Article]   Nov-11-2012


Planning is the Best Way to Minimize Disaster Impacts

As hurricane Sandy bears down on the East Coast, it reminds me of the importance of disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) planning, something that too many contact centers neglect. Most enterprise leaders agree that disaster recovery and business continuity planning is critical, but all too often budget constraints prevent organizations from making the necessary plans. Unfortunately, hurricanes, tornadoes, snowstorms, floods, fires and acts of terrorism remind us of how important it is to have strong DR and BC plans in place.
[Full Article]   Nov-11-2012


How to Develop a Customer-Focused Culture

A strong and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction is needed from all involved to ensure continued survival and growth. This requires having a customer focus Ė an attitude and practice that places customer and provider in a partnership to achieve positive results. Customer focus is not what is delivered but how it is delivered. To develop a customer-focused culture, all that is needed is to get everyone on board with the concept that the customerís needs come first and then to work together to make sure that you do what is needed every day, in every way. Sounds simple, right? So how do we get there?
[Full Article]   Nov-11-2012


The Top 10 Strategic CIO Issues For 2013

Perhaps no C-level position has undergone as many changes in expectations, approaches, and philosophies during the past few decades as that of the Chief Information Officer. And the turbulent forces shaping businesses in todayís always-on global marketplace promise to accelerate that ongoing evolution. In that context, Iíve put together a list of what I believe will be the top priorities for strategic CIOs in the coming year. As youíll see, each of these 10 is rooted in change, and calls for the CIO to be a leader instead of a follower; a disrupter instead of a go-alonger; and a business-driven executive instead of a tech-focused manager.
[Full Article]   Nov-11-2012


The Chicken-Egg Problem with Organizational Change

Timing is critical for successful organizational change. What you do first and the sequence of actions that follow can make or break your effort. But in many cases, it's not completely clear whether one step causes another or vice versa. Like the classic "chicken or the egg" dilemma, you're left asking yourself: Which should come first?
[Full Article]   Nov-04-2012


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