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Building a Social Customer Service All-Star Team

It's essential that your social agents have a strong customer-service history -- they should be your top agents. Many of our customers establish their social teams with their executive or VIP service agents to ensure the best and brightest are representing their brand publicly. Maintaining a high level of written communication skills is highly critical.
[Full Article]   Nov-25-2012


Must-Have Job Skills in 2013

Even as employers remain cautious next year about every dollar spent on employees, they'll also want workers to show greater skills and results. For employees who want to get ahead, basic competency won't be enough. To win a promotion or land a job next year, experts say there are four must-have job skills.
[Full Article]   Nov-25-2012


How Companies Can Respond to Online Complaints

In the past, when customers complained about a product or service, their opinions were typically confined to one-on-one conversations with a company representative. But now, with the click of a mouse, one consumer can spread damaging sentiments across blogs, social networks, and message boards to reach a global audience. Through an in-depth survey of online users, this study found that companies can repair their brands’ reputations by having spokespeople engage with dissatisfied consumers online, especially with those who explicitly request a response. But damage-control efforts can be ineffectual when companies try to preempt critical views in online contexts designed for consumers. In those cases, a company’s efforts are typically seen as intrusive and pushy.
[Full Article]   Nov-25-2012


Call Center Metrics That Can Hurt Service

Call centers are awash in data that can be used to measure call center agents’ performance. We know how long an average call takes, how quickly the phone gets answered, and the percentage of time agents are logged in and ready to take calls. A lot of this data is used to set individual performance targets. Unfortunately, some of these metrics can actually hurt customer service if they divert agents’ attention away from the desired performance. Three examples of call center metrics that can hurt service are average handle time, call monitoring scores, and average time to close support tickets.
[Full Article]   Nov-25-2012


When Employees Are Their Own Brands

Meet your newest management headache: the co-branded employee. A growing number of professionals are using social media to build a personal, public identity—a brand of their own—based on their work. Think of an accountant who writes a widely read blog about auditing, or a sales associate who has attracted a big following online by tweeting out his store's latest deals. Co-branded employees may exist largely below the radar now, but that's changing fast, and employers need to start preparing for the ever-greater challenges they pose for managers, co-workers and companies.
[Full Article]   Nov-11-2012


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