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Ready, Set, Compete: The Benefits of IT Innovation

These days, innovators must play by a new set of rules. IT leaders find themselves taking a fresh look at project management and resource planning as they seek to accommodate business demands for speed to market while assessing a deluge of new tools driven by new technologies. Developing the "next big thing" requires fearlessness, a fast pace and a fascination with new ideas, not to mention reliable partners and an open-minded team of professionals who can imagine the possibilities -- a tall order in an often "command and control" IT environment. This article takes a look at how four IT executives have learned to "fail fast and move on" with innovation while maintaining a competitive advantage in a cutthroat marketplace.
[Full Article]   Feb-03-2013


We'll Call You: Putting an End to On-Hold Misery

It's a universal reality: Customers dislike waiting on hold. Now call-backs and virtual queuing are changing all that. Call-backs benefit customers, most of whom would rather not be tied up listening to grating music or repetitive reassurances of their importance to the company. They also benefit call centers, which don't have to tie up phone lines and other resources with callers on hold.
[Full Article]   Feb-03-2013


Customer Experience: Is It The Chicken or Egg?

Customers expect vendors to invest financially, intellectually and emotionally in understanding and consistently meeting their evolving expectations. The good news is that B2B vendors are starting to transform their entire organizations – people, process, technology – to align outward to customer experiences.
[Full Article]   Feb-03-2013


2013 Contact Center/Back-Office Application Shopping

It's been a tough few years for businesses. Technology investments have been constrained since the financial crisis first hit in 2009, creating great pent-up demand. This demand has been fueled by a new generation of highly innovative, actionable and surprisingly practical solutions delivered by contact center and back-office vendors. Here is DMG’s list of 9 new or greatly improved applications/solutions that enterprises should consider investing in, due to their highly compelling value proposition. Each of these solutions can help contact centers or back office enhance the overall customer experience while improving staff productivity, which are two top enterprise goals for 2013.
[Full Article]   Feb-03-2013


Variety is the Spice of (an Agent's) Life

Call after call after call after call. See how the monotony of just that phrase wore you out? What about your agents, day in, day out? Is it a surprise to anyone when they jump at the chance to do anything a little different? Or worse, burn out and look elsewhere for employment. As we look at agent engagement and the positive impact it has on the customer experience, variety can be a big game changer in your center. This article presents a quick list to get you thinking about activities that your agents can do to break up their day and improve your operations.
[Full Article]   Jan-27-2013


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