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5 Easy Simple Ways to You Can Resolve Most Customer Complaints

Too often our customer service management success is measured on our ability to defuse upset customers. It is a common misconception that customers who donít complain are an indication that a company is doing things right and thus heading in the right direction. The truth is however, customers who complain are actually carving out opportunities for a business to improve its customer service and resolve any undetected problems for long-lasting profitable growth.
[Full Article]   Feb-10-2013


12 Common IT Hiring Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Bringing a new hire into you IT department is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, he could be just the right fit to boost your output and help reach business goals. On the other hand, he could have a negative effect that results in missed deadlines or a decline in morale of your entire IT team. As a hiring manager, you need to do everything you can to minimize the risk throughout the hiring process. Here are 12 common mistakes IT managers make, along with advice on how to take a more successful approach.
[Full Article]   Feb-10-2013


Every Mistake is an Opportunity to Surprise and Delight

To get customers talking about your company, you need to give them something to talk about. There is nothing more word of mouth worthy than surprising and delighting customers. A delighted customer wants to share that joy with others and pass the happiness on, and a surprised customer canít help but express his or her shock over an unexpected event. If you can consistently surprise and delight, that is your marketing. And the best opportunities for surprise and delight come from the mistakes we make -- mistakes that disappoint and enrage customers, mistakes that happen all-too frequently.
[Full Article]   Feb-10-2013


Customers Request the Darndest Things

Customers are kind, mean, and everything in between. But, every now and then, customer service representatives encounter customers that are off the charts. These requests leave service professionals scratching their heads as they conjure up ways to satisfy the consumer despite their confusion. Yet, while these interactions may be strange at the time, they typically make for entertaining stories after the fact.
[Full Article]   Feb-10-2013


Six Secrets to Doing Less

In the pursuit of innovation, leaders are often faced with three critical decisions: what to follow versus what to ignore, what to leave in versus what to leave out, and what to do versus what not to do. Many of the most original innovators tend to focus far more on the second half of each choice. They adopt a ďless is bestĒ approach to innovation, removing just the right things in just the right way in order to achieve the maximum effect through minimum means and deliver what everyone wants: a memorable and meaningful experience. Itís the art of subtraction, defined simply as the process of removing anything excessive, confusing, wasteful, hazardous, or hard to use -- and perhaps building the discipline to refrain from adding it in the first place. These six rules help guide that discipline.
[Full Article]   Feb-03-2013


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