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BYOD to Change the Face of IT in 2013

The "Bring Your Own Device" phenomenon, largely driven by Apple iPhones and iPads, is changing the face of IT departments, perhaps reaching a tipping point. If CIOs thought mobile devices presented challenges before, they haven't seen anything yet.
[Full Article]   Feb-17-2013


Build an Adaptive Customer Experience Ecosystem

The way that firms can deliver value to clients has massively changed. They can interact with customers in the context of using products - in fact, customers interacting with each other within the product may deliver more value than the product itself. Companies can harness the data exhaust of product usage and turn it into powerfully useful information to help customers succeed at their goals (e.g., think Nike Plus and fitness). Firms need to rethink how they operate to capitalize on these opportunities. This means rethinking marketing and support roles that make less sense in a world of such ubiquitous interactions and data. It means rethinking separations between front and back office, both of which have very powerful impacts on customer experience.
[Full Article]   Feb-17-2013


3 Warning Signs That Your Customer Experience Needs Improvement

Customer service is continuing to receive the investment it deserves but we are not all there yet. Take a look at the organizations around that you admire such as Zappos, Amazon and Apple. Why is it that we love them? The reason these three have grown into billion dollar brands is because they have the right customer experience strategy and programs in place to support their customer service. The ROI of exceptional customer service is customer loyalty, high customer retention and being an admired company.
[Full Article]   Feb-17-2013


Motivating Customer Service People to Retain Top Customer Service Talent

Many organizations in their attempt to generate the best from their people resort to intense pressure and coercion to create customer service results. This is a temporary solution with drastic, negative long-term effects to your customer service team. Strict customer service metrics, service efficiency rates, timelines, difficult work schedules, and scrutinizing over numbers at the expense of quality only works for so long. So how can you motivate the best customer service people to deliver consistent, efficient service experiences and retain top customer service talent?
[Full Article]   Feb-17-2013


The 3 Rock Star Principles for Customer Service Success

As customer service professionals, you and your team are the true rock stars of your organization, so much more than a mascot or logo. Think about it: The service you provide is a direct connection between the organization and its customers. You are the voice of the brand! When a customer calls, tweets, chats or emails your organization for service, it's you who provides the answers. Thatís why it is so important to create and maintain a culture within your center that not only encourages your teamís inner rock stars, but celebrates them as well.
[Full Article]   Feb-10-2013


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