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4 Ways to Turn Social-Media Fans Into Raving, Loyal Customers

It's nice when companies see fans and customers responding positively to their products and messaging over social media. But figuring out how to convert all that positive energy into an effective sales and marketing strategy can be tough to figure out. With just a little bit of focus and strategizing, businesses of any size can turn one-time customers or casual fans into influential advocates and repeat customers.
[Full Article]   Oct-13-2013


A Five Point Plan For Retaining Your Best Agents

Several years ago I had the opportunity to attend a marvelous management seminar at the Disney Institute in Orlando, Florida. The lessons learned there, coupled with the work Iíve done with contact centers around the world, has convinced me that thereís no magic solution or approach to the challenging task of retaining our best people. Do you think Walt Disney waved a magic wand to create all that enchantment? No! He planned and worked and planned and worked and... you get the picture. So hereís a plan I developed, and you can use these five points to save your stars.
[Full Article]   Oct-13-2013


CRM and Knowledge Management: Balancing Information and Insight

When it comes to data, corporations continue to struggle with two conflicting goals. On one hand, they want to collect and consolidate information to streamline their operations. On the other, data repositories often sprout up in an ad hoc fashion (especially in large corporations), so it becomes difficult (and in some cases impossible) to make sense of the firm's millions and even billions of records. That yin and yang is now playing out with CRM and knowledge management (KM) systems. The two grew up as largely autonomous disciplines, but recently, there has been a push for tighter integration between them.
[Full Article]   Oct-13-2013


Workforce-as-a-Service Scales to Meet IT Staffing Needs on Demand

One of the major benefits of a services-delivery model such as software-as-a-service (SaaS) or the Cloud is the capability to quickly scale computing resources - networking, storage, bandwidth, for instance - on an as-needed basis. IT simply adds more resources when they're needed and removes them when they aren't. What if you could do the same with personnel resources; that is, add teams of skilled tech pros on-demand and release them once a project is completed?
[Full Article]   Oct-13-2013


Difficult Conversations with Good People

In part 1 of this article series, we discussed having conversations with difficult people, where the main issue is never expecting such people to not be difficult and finding a way to stay centered and unprovoked by them. In part 2, the issue becomes how to master difficult conversations with good people.
[Full Article]   Oct-06-2013


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