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A Wake-Up Call For CIOs

If youíre not doing your job as CIO, lots of people are suggesting that somebody else should be. Havenít you noticed this burgeoning trend calling for chief-something-officers to handle responsibilities that rightfully fall under your purview? Chief digital officer. Chief data officer. Chief mobility officer. Chief security officer. This drumbeat isnít new.
[Full Article]   Nov-03-2013


5 Ways to Build Agent Camaraderie in the Contact Center

Isolation, immobility and stress are inherent aspects of the agent position. They come with the contact center territory. Itís not uncommon to hear agents cite one or more of these issues as their reason for quitting. That said, the contact center and the agent position certainly arenít all gloom and doom. Iíve seen more than my share of centers where agents love what they do, wear authentic smiles on their face, and rarely if ever carry out acts of arson. And a big part of this is the fact that these centers Ė in addition to having good hiring and training as well as fair and feasible performance objectives in place Ė do a lot to instill a sense of camaraderie and team among staff.
[Full Article]   Nov-03-2013


Are You Ready for a Chief Data Officer?

With all the excitement (and anxiety) surrounding big data and advanced analytics, it is not surprising that many organizations are naming Chief Data Officers (CDO) to manage their data needs. But I fear that too many organizations have sold the title short and are missing the opportunity to define a truly transformative role. You must be ready for a journey that, sooner or later, will touch every department, job, and person.
[Full Article]   Nov-03-2013


Stop Worrying About Delivering Perfect Customer Service

It's good to work hard, to have great goals, to always want to improve and deliver an exceptional customer experience to your customers. But does your desire for perfect customer service keep you from adding all the missing pieces your customers wish you had? Do you hold off on adding more because you donít think itís ready, or itís not good enough? Holding off from delivering better service until you have the perfect customer experience is a danger.
[Full Article]   Nov-03-2013


Stop Paying Bonuses: Money Doesn't Motivate Employees

Conventional wisdom says that people will work harder and smarter in order to earn more and more money. Turns out that conventional wisdom isn't just dead wrong; it's tragically wrong. According to author Dan Pink, extensive research shows that paying creative people bonuses for good performance not only demotivates them, but almost guarantees they will fail. The research says that there are four things that lead to better performance.
[Full Article]   Oct-27-2013


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