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5 Lessons All Departments Can Learn From the Customer Service Department

A service oriented approach is mostly found in the customer service department. Perhaps that's because a customer is four times more likely to buy from a competitor if the problem is service related vs. price or product related according to Bain & Co. So if you want security for your business, go gaga over service. A service oriented approach to business is the only choice for the future. Those who don't recognize this will not be here to make mistakes in the future
[Full Article]   Jan-15-2014


Six Controversial Ways Contact Centers Will Transform in 2014

We can agree that several customer experience trends, such as the rapid use of mobile applications, SMS for customer service; and leveraging unstructured data for developing customer insights are all being applied into business strategy as we enter into 2014. However, there are also some interesting and controversial points worth considering when building strategies to improve the customer experience for your brand.
[Full Article]   Jan-15-2014


Are You Your Employees’ Worst Enemy?

In almost all organizations, some leaders pave the way for their employees to do their best work, and others inadvertently make things much harder than they should be. Where do you fall on this continuum? Do you help or do you hinder? In all probability, it’s the latter. People expect to find bad bosses in failing companies. However, in surveys and interviews with more than 250 working professionals in 37 countries, we’ve found that 51 percent of employees across the full spectrum of organizational performance believe initiatives tend to succeed despite, not because of, their leaders.
[Full Article]   Jan-14-2014


Employees Who Feel Love Perform Better

"Love" is a not word you often hear uttered in office hallways or conference rooms. And yet, it has a strong influence on workplace outcomes. The more love co-workers feel at work, the more engaged they are. (Note: Here we’re talking about “companionate love” which is far less intense than romantic love. Companionate love is based on warmth, affection, and connection rather than passion). It may not be surprising that those who perceive greater affection and caring from their colleagues perform better, but few managers focus on building an emotional culture. That’s a mistake.
[Full Article]   Jan-13-2014


Making Better Decisions Over Time

Managers make a wide range of decisions, from routine calls they face on a recurring basis, to large-scale strategic decisions they may encounter just once in their careers. For issues that are often repeated, the technique of deliberate practice—which involves action, feedback, modification, and action again—is a powerful way to boost performance. The technique works when a decision is part of a sequence, in which feedback from one part can improve the next. Not all decisions work in this manner, however. Knowing the difference is crucial.
[Full Article]   Jan-07-2014


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