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Improving Agent Performance: 5 Tips for Successful Multitasking

Multitasking is a critical success factor for employees, and particularly for contact center agents. The very nature of the agent job requires them to perform multiple tasks with competing demands. While we all appreciate the importance of multitasking, we may not know exactly what multitasking is and how it affects productivity and critical business outcomes. These 5 tips reveal the latest research on multitasking and its impact on contact agent performance, satisfaction, and success.

[Full Article]   Jan-22-2014


10 Managers You Donít Want to Meet On Your Journey

Here's a fresh look at some of the habits of lousy leaders and managers based on input from participants in my management programs and forums. Check out the list of 10 managers you donít want to ever work for.
[Full Article]   Jan-22-2014


The 'Gamification' of the Office Approaches

Imagine if at the office you were made to feel like you were playing "Candy Crush Saga." Envision that every one of your professional endeavors was meticulously tracked and measured in points, that there were levels to complete and you were given prizes for excellence. That every workplace action provided a tangible sensation of winning or losing as part of a system engineered to keep you addicted, thrilled to come back every morning. If your job worked like that, would you become a better employee? Or would you feel just the oppositeócrushed by metrics, constantly watched over, infantilized by your boss's attempt to turn you into an automaton?
[Full Article]   Jan-21-2014


The 8 Traits of Customer-Relevant Companies

Research from Ovum has found that 90 percent of organizations are at risk of becoming irrelevant to their customers unless they can learn to adapt their practices much faster and in ways customers value. They're also missing key opportunities for exemplary customer satisfaction, greater customer loyalty, and faster growth. Ovum also notes that rising customer expectations and customer power brought about by social and mobile technologies have made it more challenging than ever for companies to remain relevant to their customers.
[Full Article]   Jan-21-2014


Chat Metrics For Those of Us That Don't Like Chat Support

I have a confession for you. As a customer, I love the convenience of chat support. As a customer service director, I hate it. Sorry, Iím just being honest. While chat support is a convenient means of receiving customer service, it can be a real headache to plan and schedule for. Comparing chat support to phone support, and the planning that goes along with it, is like comparing apples to oranges. How do you properly plan for this and then rest assured that your agents are being well utilized? This article takes a look at useful metrics to evaluate and manage chat support.
[Full Article]   Jan-16-2014


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