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Ten Tips for New Executives

Jokes are risky. Email is forever. Don't answer hypothetical questions. Never complain. Here are 10 suggestions I wish someone had given me when I was beginning my run as an executive. I made the mistake of violating many of them but not all.
[Full Article]   Feb-04-2014


Enterprise Servicing Goals for 2014

By Donna Fluss, DMG Consulting

As the economy continues to improve in the US and around the world, 2014 is looking to be a good year for technology investments that are supported by a solid business case, and have quantifiable benefits and a rapid payback of one year or less. Enterprises and government agencies are expected to make investments to improve the customer or constituent experience. These investments will address the core infrastructure of contact centers and customer service organizations, many of which have not been updated in more than ten years. Other investments will be for management applications and analytics to help organizations make the most of every customer contact. Investments will be driven by the top 8 contact center/servicing trends for 2014. These trends are outlined in this article.

[Full Article]   Jan-29-2014


If Great Customer Service is Your Competitive Differentiator Then be Ready to go Above and Beyond

Creating great customer experiences what leaders like Disney, Zappos and Nordstrom do on a consistent basis is one of the few areas left for companies to differentiate and generate good margins. Making it happen, however, is easier said than done; fundamentally, it is a people issue. How do you get employees to go beyond the call of duty to regularly exceed customer expectations? By empowering them to develop emotional connections with each customer.
[Full Article]   Jan-29-2014


The Four Secrets to Employee Engagement

It seems obvious: Direct supervisors who set their teams up for success, observe them in action, ask for feedback, identify the root causes of employee concerns, and then follow through with meaningful improvements have happier, more engaged employees. Why, then, do senior executives who tout the value of employee engagement so often delegate it to the HR department? HR serves an important function, but not even the best HR staff is in a position to take the actions required to affect the attitudes of individual employees or teams. In this article, learn how successful companies are creating a culture of employee engagement and the positive impact on the business.
[Full Article]   Jan-28-2014


How Customized Service Wins Repeat Business

With your business growing, becoming more efficient is necessary. However, with all of this streamlining, are you unintentionally gravitating toward standardized service? If so, pull back from the one-size-fits-all gravitational pull and strive for customized interactions.
[Full Article]   Jan-28-2014


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