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5 Ways Speech Analytics Can Improve Contact Center Performance

There's gold in quality monitoring, and you can mine it with speech analytics. There's intelligence to be gathered from every customer call, but it's a lot of information to sift through, and actually getting to the most important insights can be costly and time-consuming. Speech analytics is a game-changer because it automates the analysis process, helping to identify the most important patterns and trends in real-time, enabling contact center leaders to take action. Here are five ways to turn up the volume on your quality monitoring by adding speech analytics.

[Full Article]   Feb-19-2014


The Critical Few: Components of a Truly Effective Culture

To sustain a strong culture, enterprises understand that key behaviors have to be actively managed and made visible. Companies with the most effective culture seek out and continually reinforce what Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, calls “keystone habits.” A keystone habit, Duhigg has noted, is “a pattern that has the power to start a chain reaction, changing other habits as it moves through an organization.” Companies that recognize and encourage such habits stand to build cultures with influence that goes beyond employee engagement and directly boosts performance.
[Full Article]   Feb-18-2014


14 Must-Read Stats that Emphasize the Customer Experience Imperative

Let’s face it, in most cases, the current customer experience is all over the place. Time for sales, marketing and customer service to come together, get focused and deliver on the elusive consistent customer experience. Need some supporting stats and statements to make your case? Here are 14 for 2014.
[Full Article]   Feb-13-2014


Customer Service Strategy: Deliver Value with Time

Customers are turning to alternative ways of doing business because of speed. Usually it is much faster to order something online. Self-service checkout in a grocery store may be a good alternative to save a few minutes. Even when it comes to customer service, customers turn to an online alternative rather than having to make a call and be put on hold, be transferred to numerous people and have to repeat their story to multiple employees. To be successful, companies need to respect their customer’s time.
[Full Article]   Feb-13-2014


There Has Never Been a Better Time for CIOs to Fix IT's Reputation

In a time where there is a lot of technology analyst talk about the relevance of the CIO and Enterprise IT, Mike Kail, CIO of Netflix offers a refreshing perspective. In his opinion, there has never been a better time for IT to fix its reputation in the industry and move from being the blockers in an organization to being the enablers.
[Full Article]   Feb-11-2014


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