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If You Want More Productive Employees, Learn How To Get Out Of Their Way

Smart, successful managers hire well-qualified, skilled employees to get things done. If youíve hired right, they should even be more highly qualified than you in the job youíve hired them to do. After all, your success depends on their success. So instead of getting in their way, help them get the job done. Your role is to provide guidance, direction, and establish goals, not sit on their shoulders telling them what to do every step of the way.
[Full Article]   Feb-25-2014


Fine Tuning Your Contact Center Through the Use of Innovative Metrics

Our contact centers, by and large, exist to serve an internal and external customer base and if we arenít able to identify which metrics impact that customerís experience, and in which way they do so, we engage in a destructive cycle of wasting our own time and resources. This then begs the question; how do we break the cycle and implement or improve our CRM system to ensure that weíre getting to the valuable information and drive improvement?
[Full Article]   Feb-20-2014


10 Questions to Ask When Collecting Customer Data

Collecting customer data has been notoriously loaded with a tangle of privacy pitfalls. But when done right, the benefit to your bottom line could outweigh the risks. Leveraging customer data can lead to happier customers, reduced client churn and bigger profits. Gathering sensitive customer information isnít something business owners should just jump into and make up as they go. Get up to speed with these 10 essential questions to consider before you ask your customers anything.
[Full Article]   Feb-19-2014


Donít Just Collect Customer Feedback: Listen, Engage and Act

To demonstrate their commitment to the customer experience, many companies collect customer feedback through a variety of channels, from email forms and surveys to social listening and Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs. For too many companies, however, collecting customer feedback is a means to an end Ė to amass enough data to generate a Net Promoter Score (NPS). Because it provides a quick snapshot of customer satisfaction, the obsession with this rating is understandable, but ultimately shortsighted. Here are three simple steps to get the most out of your customer feedback.
[Full Article]   Feb-19-2014


5 Ways Speech Analytics Can Improve Contact Center Performance

There's gold in quality monitoring, and you can mine it with speech analytics. There's intelligence to be gathered from every customer call, but it's a lot of information to sift through, and actually getting to the most important insights can be costly and time-consuming. Speech analytics is a game-changer because it automates the analysis process, helping to identify the most important patterns and trends in real-time, enabling contact center leaders to take action. Here are five ways to turn up the volume on your quality monitoring by adding speech analytics.

[Full Article]   Feb-19-2014


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