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14 Experts on the Biggest Customer Service Challenges

Providing great customer service is a challenge for many businesses today.Companies like Amazon and Zappos have raised in the bar in terms of what customers expect, and there are an increasing number of tools and technologies that businesses people can use to improve their support. So, I asked 14 customer service and customer experience experts this question:What's the biggest customer service challenges today's companies are facing and how can they overcome it? Here's what they said.
[Full Article]   Jul-23-2015


How Improv Made Me a Better Call Center Agent

A thousand possible scenarios with a thousand policies and solutions you have to know. Millions of potential callers with unique attitudes, needs, personalities, and technology and language barriers. When you are waiting in the phone queue for your next call to patch through, you never know what's coming. As a defense mechanism against taking escalations personally, I found myself drawing on my college improv days, imagining I was on stage playing the character of a great call center rep. These calls are my scenes, and these are my lines. What would that character do?

[Full Article]   Jul-23-2015


7 Management Lessons From a 7-Time CEO

The bottom line is this: As the world changes, so should your management style. That goes for whether you’re managing a team of ten, or ten thousand. To help you effectively manage your own team and guide your company to greatness, I recently tapped into my own Top 7 Management Lessons.
[Full Article]   May-05-2015


Three Essential Ways to Fix Your Performance Management Approach

In an ideal world, the performance management approach should be helping an organization move towards – or maintain – high performance. But we’re not finding that to be true, necessarily. In January of this year, BlessingWhite surveyed over 1,200+ employees and, based on that research, we’re recommending three essential ways to help get employees to increase their contribution to the company and increase their satisfaction at work. This will lead to an engaged and productive workforce, and one that is high-performing.
[Full Article]   May-01-2015


The Complete Guide To How Every Organization Must Evolve To The Future Of Work

This article presents an infographic taken from the author’s most recent book, The Future of Work, where he researched and spoke with many companies to see how they are evolving. The visual is a compilation of what he sees companies doing and more importantly what they HAVE TO DO in order to succeed and thrive in a new business landscape.
[Full Article]   May-01-2015


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