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5 Ways Not Using Speech Analytics is Affecting Your Contact Center

By not using a call monitoring solution, like automated speech analytics, money is being left on the table, agents are at risk for failure, and customer churn is inevitable. Here is a quick list of five ways your business is affected the longer you continue to put off using technology that automates the process of monitoring conversations with customers:

[Full Article]   Sep-16-2014


CIOs Rack Up Millions in Incentives

CIO salaries in the U.S. average between $153,000 and $246,750, according to Robert Half Technology. But salary is just the beginning. Cash bonuses and equity awards can propel pay packages into the millions. To find out how much CIOs at giant global companies really earn, we scoured the proxy statements of the 500 largest U.S. companies and found 26 that disclosed CIO pay. Here are the details on their pay packages, organized from lowest to highest paid.
[Full Article]   Sep-12-2014


Metrics: Do They Accomplish What You Want?

Contact centers are one of the most heavily metric driven organizations in a company. Great contact centers are transparent organizations and as a result of technology, results are available every second of every day. While it is great to constantly measure performance and communicate results, are you measuring the right things and are you driving the best behaviors for your organization?
[Full Article]   Sep-08-2014


Why Is Customer Disservice Becoming the Norm and What Can We Do About It?

I thought that I had shaken off my own customer disservice trauma until I heard the Comcast viral recording. I just could not mentally resolve this disconnect: How can a company with supposed good values have such poor customer service? How can the CEO reconcile this dichotomy? How can that company in good conscience believe that they have stellar corporate values? How did American consumer businesses get this way?
[Full Article]   Sep-04-2014


6 Eye-Opening Employee Engagement Statistics

While it would be great to walk into an office of positive attitudes and buzzing energy, if real engagement isnít present, that office will soon have an order to vacate on their door. Realizing that there is a difference between satisfied and engaged, is a vital distinction for leaders to establish. Smiles are one part of the engagement equation, and numbers are another.

[Full Article]   Aug-29-2014


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