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Bringing Business-Led IT Out of the Shadows

Business leaders and frontline employees are best placed to spot how to use technology to meet their goals for growth and productivity. IT employees, however knowledgeable about technology and closely connected to the rest of the business, will always be at a disadvantage in understanding products, customers, competitors and individual workflows. It is from deep insight in these areas that the best ideas for innovative uses of technology arise.
[Full Article]   Mar-26-2014


A Step-by-Step Guide to Winning the Customer

Companies that understand the stages of consumer purchasing decisions have an outsized influence in their outcome.
[Full Article]   Mar-25-2014


To Unlock the Full Potential of Voice as Information, Look into the Call Center

To unlock the full potential of voice as information, you need to look to the much ignored call center world. I say this with a twinge of reluctance, but call centers have been at the leading edge of getting the most of voice for over a decade. The rest of the service provider enterprise world needs to get onboard as those sectors fully embrace voice over IP and an all IP world.

[Full Article]   Mar-24-2014


The Seven Skills You Need to Thrive in the C-Suite

What executive skills are most prized by companies today? How has that array of skills changed in the last decade, and how is it likely to change in the next ten years? To find out, I surveyed senior consultants in 2010 at a top-five global executive-search firm. Experienced search consultants typically interview hundreds (in many cases thousands) of senior executives; they assess those executives’ skills, track them over time, and in some cases place the same executive in a series of jobs. They also observe how executives negotiate, what matters most to them in their contracts, and how they decide whether to change companies. This article presents the seven C-level skills and traits companies prize most.
[Full Article]   Mar-18-2014


Employee-Centered Leadership vs. Customer-Centered Leadership: Which Path Is More Profitable?

In the world we inhabit, an employee needs to leave work on time so she can pick up her kid from daycare, whether or not her replacement has shown up to cover her phone. The boss, however, needs her to stick around to ensure full coverage. And the customer wants continuity in the handling of his project. These interests, you can see, don’t mesh together so well. Now, here’s the question: As the revenue-seeking boss, do we manage for the customer perspective, or the employee’s?
[Full Article]   Mar-17-2014


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