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Dealing with Difficult Employees

Managers often feel that their work would be great, if it weren’t for the people! And they have a point: Employee relationships always have built-in challenges and frustrations, even in the very best workplaces. But the good news is that anyone can learn specific interpersonal skills to better understand and manage these situations.
[Full Article]   Nov-25-2015


Is Technology The New 'IT' Industry?

Not everyone is born with a knack to hack, but a new survey shows most people find technology careers attractive. Three-quarters of non-IT (information technology) professionals polled said the technology field holds appeal for them. Salary potential and job opportunities and the ability to be innovative were cited by respondents as the top draws. We've put together a list of three roles where, with a few relevant courses or certifications, non-IT professionals can get their start in the industry.
[Full Article]   Nov-21-2015


Let Empathy Toward Customers Guide You

An empathetic employee will listen to customers, understand their needs, and be motivated to provide them with the right solution. They're also more likely to recommend improvements that could better serve customers. Clearly, empathetic employees are valuable assets. So how do you build an empathetic team?
[Full Article]   Nov-20-2015


Multi-Channel vs. Omni-Channel—Know the Difference!

Marketers and customer experience professionals are no strangers to the term “omni-channel.” This concept has been talked and written about—ad nauseam, some would say—for the past few years. Interestingly enough, what we’re finding in conversation with organizations is that there is still some confusion about what “omni-channel” actually means. Our aim is to clarify the definitions of omni-channel and multi-channel and re-emphasize the importance of implementing an omni-channel strategy within your organization.

[Full Article]   Nov-20-2015


When Your Customer Is a Jerk

So how do you deal with customers who are never happy? Not the way you might think. Well-meaning friends – and occasionally some articles – will often give you advice that simply won’t work. Stand up to them? Great recipe for enraging most jerk customers. Argue your case? Jerks don’t listen to logic. Set boundaries with them? See you in court. Fortunately, there are actually some good techniques out there for dealing with jerky customers. They come to us from fields like hostage negotiation, crisis intervention, and managing defiant children. And they often work surprisingly well. Here are some of the key strategies.
[Full Article]   Oct-08-2015


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