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Emergence of Quality Management/Liability Recording Suites for Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises

By Donna Fluss, founder and President of DMG Consulting LLC

Quality Management (QM)/Liability Recording (otherwise known as Workforce Optimization, or WFO) suites have been growing rapidly in both popularity and breadth of functionality in recent years. Given the traditional cost and complexity of these suites, many of the early adopters of capabilities beyond recording tended to be large (250+ seat) contact centers. Now that pattern is changing. Sales to small and mid-sized enterprises are expected to be a significant trend for the WFO vendors in 2008.
[Full Article]   Feb-13-2008


The Benefit from Offering Account Management Services

By Tom Sweeny, ServiceXRG

Corporate sales organizations have long employed account management programs -- in which a designated individual or team serves as the primary point of contact for customers -- to maintain relationships with key clients. Recognizing the benefits gained through these associations, support organizations are increasingly embracing the account management concept as a way to not only sustain profitable, high-value relationships, but generate new top-line revenue streams. The following article offers insights from a study conducted by ServiceXRG to understand the current use, program structure and impact of account management programs.
[Full Article]   Jan-17-2008


Escaping Groundhog Day

by Pete McGarahan, McGarahan & Associates

There is nothing worse than spending time and resources on delivering services not valued by your customers. There is also little value in delivering services that are not properly aligned with business goals and objectives or not focused on achieving any end 'business value' results. Many of us live the same day over and over, symbolically if not literally. The only way to escape our predicament is to change, if not ourselves, then at least our circumstances. This article discusses some of the most common Groundhog Day (a term that is emblematic of repetitive) situations faced by support organizations worldwide.
[Full Article]   Jan-17-2008


Forecasting Fundamentals: The Art and Science of Predicting Support Desk Workload

By Penny Reynolds, Founding Partner, The Call Center School

The basis of any good support center staffing plan is an accurate workload forecast. Without a precise forecast of the work to be expected, the most sophisticated effort to calculate staff numbers and create intricate schedule plans is wasted effort. The purpose of the forecast is to predict workload in order to get the right number of staff in place to handle it. There are many different situations in the support desk environment that require a forecast to be done. Whatever the reason, itís important to understand the basic principles behind workload forecasting and how to apply them to accurately plan support center resources.
[Full Article]   Jan-14-2008


Customer Service Ė Customersí Patience (or Impatience)

By Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D., President of Human Technologies Global, Inc.

A research study done by Dimension Data shows some interesting data regarding customer service. First, that Americans are impatient when waiting in queue and are quicker to abandon calls than anywhere else in the world. The rest of the world, however, exhibits greater patience. Whatís your average queue time? Your Average Speed of Answer? (do you know?) This article presents some best practice statistics for you to compare yourself to.
[Full Article]   Jan-14-2008


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