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Tips for Getting the Best Software Deals

By Beth Eisenfeld and Donna Fluss, DMG Consulting LLC

Every prospective buyer strives for a great deal on software purchases. To get the best results, it is important to understand some of the nuances of the procurement process and best practices when contracting for software and systems implementation. DMG Consulting offers the following tips to help you acquire what you need and keep the costs down.
[Full Article]   May-19-2008


Using Feedback to Motivate the Staff

By Rick Kilton, President, RWK Enterprises

Providing a highly motivational environment is challenging because "one size does not fit all." Each person has unique biological, emotional, cognitive, or social forces that activate and direct behavior. So it is important to remember, what clearly motivates one may de-motivate another. Fortunately, there are a number of motivating actions and activities that appeal to a class of individuals, such as support personnel.
[Full Article]   May-19-2008


"We the People"

By Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D., President of Human Technologies Global, Inc.

The 2008 CSO Insight's Sales Performance Optimization Survey (14th edition) found the #1 reason companies win deals is because of their relationships with prospects. And conversely, a major reason they lose deals is because of the competition's relationship with the prospect. This survey also found that product superiority dropped down to the #3 reason companies win deals, with just 35% of companies citing it versus 56% who say relationships drive their wins.
And once again who has the awesome responsibility of creating that relationship with the customer? Every employee at your organization, including yourself.
[Full Article]   May-19-2008


Evaluating Support Center Staffing Tradeoffs

By Penny Reynolds, Founding Partner, The Call Center School

Running a successful support desk operation means managing by the numbers. And the most important number of all is the quantity of staff that matches the workforce as closely as possible to the call workload. In the previous article on Calculating Support Center Staff, we outlined the basic steps of calculating staff requirements – calculating workload, defining speed of answer goals, and applying a staffing model to determine the “just right” number of staff to meet service goals. This article takes a closer look at staffing requirements and the many factors that influence the staffing levels in your support desk.
[Full Article]   Mar-20-2008


The Four Stages of the Customer Experience

By Tom Sweeny, ServiceXRG

A satisfying customer experience is critical if we want to positively influence the way customers behave. Customers that have a positive experience are three times more likely than customers with a neutral or negative experience to buy a product from the company that delivered the experience; four times more likely to recommend a company or renew an existing relationship (e.g., a service contract); and five times more likely to state that they are satisfied with the outcome of the interaction. While companies generally agree that a good experience is something to strive for and a bad experience is something to avoid, they find it’s not always easy to provide the experience customers need or expect.
[Full Article]   Mar-20-2008


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