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Measuring Service Effectiveness

By Frederick C. Van Bennekom, Dr.B.A.

Performance measurements help guide organizations to achieve their goals. Service organizations have conflicting objectives. They strive to be both efficient in resource use and effective in the quality of service as perceived by customers. But how to measure service effectiveness? This article presents a framework for measuring service effectiveness -- from call monitoring and mystery shopping to customer surveys, focus groups and complaint solicitation. The key finding is that a portfolio of approaches is needed to provide comprehensive and balanced measures of service effectiveness.
[Full Article]   Sep-19-2008


The Top 10 Service and Support Best Practices

By Peter J. McGarahan, Founder and President, McGarahan & Associates

Keep this Top Ten Service and Support Best Practices list on the top of your mind as you engage with customers, team mates ands peers on a daily basis. Focusing on these Top Ten best practices will help you and your team improve the overall performance of the support operation.
[Full Article]   Sep-15-2008


What Motivates Your Employees? Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Rewards

By Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D., President of Human Technologies Global, Inc.

What motivates employees? According to a Gallop Poll, the #1 motivator is public praise and recognition. However, in most organizations employee recognition is limited. Why? Because we all are very busy and donít take the time. Gallup says actively disengaged workers cost employers $292 billion to $355 billion a year. Furthermore, Gallup concluded that disengaged workers miss more days of work and are less loyal to employers. So how do you motivate?
[Full Article]   Sep-15-2008


Which Hotel Chain Does Customer Service E-Mail Best?

By Leslie O'Flahavan and Marilynne Rudick, E-WRITE

It's the height of travel season, so e-Write decided to conduct a (non-scientific) experiment to find out which hotel chain does customer service e-mail best. Here's what they did. Using the clever pseudonym "Jane Doe," they sent an e-mail query to hotel chains with properties near Chicago's Midway Airport. Within two days of sending the query, they received responses from five hotel chains: Best Western, Marriott, La Quinta, Hyatt, and Hilton. The quality of the responses was uneven, to put it politely. To see which hotels provided excellent service and which bombed, read this article.
[Full Article]   Aug-21-2008


The Impact of Self-Service on Contact Center Agents

By Donna Fluss, founder and President of DMG Consulting LLC

Introducing self-service applications into a contact center has a significant impact on agents. Successful self-service applications benefit customers while saving money for the enterprise, but they also change the volume and mix of calls handled by agents and create new challenges for both agents and their managers.
[Full Article]   Aug-19-2008


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