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Disaster Recovery in Contact Centers: Benchmarks and Best Practices

By Donna Fluss, founder and President of DMG Consulting LLC

In a July 2008 survey of 187 end-user organizations on the topic of contact center disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC), DMG Consulting found that the majority of contact centers are at risk of avoidable failures and disruptions. Surprisingly, only 36.7% of companies are confident that they can operate without serious impact on service quality and the customer experience during a disaster. This is because most contact centers either do not have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan, or are not keeping it up to date.
[Full Article]   Dec-16-2008


Techniques for Decreasing Agent Attrition

By Donna Fluss, President, and Deborah Navarra, Senior Analyst, DMG Consulting

Call center agents have a very stressful job, which leads to high attrition rates. DMG Consulting has studied this issue for many years. We’ve spoken with call center managers with high agent turnover rates to identify the leading causes of attrition. And, we’ve interviewed managers with relatively high agent retention rates to gain an appreciation of their methods for keeping their staff satisfied. Based on our analysis, we have identified several proven best practices and techniques for reducing agent attrition.
[Full Article]   Nov-12-2008


Quality Customer Service Does Exist

By Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D., President of Human Technologies Global, Inc.

I just had what I would consider an unusual customer service experience. Why unusual? Because it surprised me--it was a positive experience--and the person gave me more than I asked for. This to me is the absolute definition of over deliver and under promise.
[Full Article]   Nov-12-2008


Why Wouldn’t You?

By Peter J. McGarahan, Founder and President, McGarahan & Associates

The question is simple; why aren’t more organizations using self-service successfully? In researching the answers to this seemingly simple question, I was brought into engaging conversations, traditional rhetoric, innovative thinking, encouraging leadership as well as the SOSAD (same old song and dance). The main differences between those who were successful at self-service were that they had a strategic purpose, a passionate commitment and established the right partnerships with the sponsors, customers, staff and vendor!
[Full Article]   Nov-12-2008


Invest, Invest, Invest

By Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D., President of Human Technologies Global, Inc.

While the economy, the political environment, and uncertainty loom in our faces, when we focus on this situation or set of circumstances, usually what comes up is fear. However, if you focus on the fear, the fear expands. At the same time, we are encouraged to invest. We’re told that this is a good time; that there are bargains out there, that it is a buyer’s market; that this is an opportune time to invest. Well I say invest too, but not in what you may think. This is the time to focus on and invest in your people.
[Full Article]   Oct-20-2008


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