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Misconceptions About Social Media

by Donna Fluss, DMG Consulting

I recently met with a group of highly experienced contact center leaders to discuss a variety of hot topics. We engaged in a spirited discussion about how best to handle social media. This is a critical topic today, as few organizations appear to be doing this well. During the conversations, a few organizational misconceptions and examples of mishandlings came up; it was alarming, as these are the kinds of things that are happen today. This article presents the three of the most serious issues raised during our conversation.
[Full Article]   Aug-28-2012


Bridging the Communication Gap Between Contact Centers and IT

The contact center's top priorities are to improve productivity and keep costs down, to maintain service quality and provide an outstanding customer experience. IT's top goals are to keep systems up and running, keep costs and complexity down through standardization and simplification, and to use technology to provide a strategic advantage. This article presents how to bridge the communication gap between the two groups.
[Full Article]   Jun-05-2012


Speech Analytics Gets Down to Business

by Donna Fluss, DMG Consulting

The speech analytics market hit its stride in 2010 and is going to continue to come on strong for the foreseeable future. Despite a weak economy, this technology sector has continued to pick up momentum and grow. The number of speech analytics implementations increased by 22% between 2009 and 2010, on top of growth rates in the prior three years of 39%, 50% and 106%, respectively. New vendors continue to enter the market, and others have been bought by larger competitors to fill a void in their portfolio – all of which is typical of a vibrant technology segment. This article outlines the reasons speech analytics was and continues to be compelling.
[Full Article]   Feb-23-2012


The Hosted/Cloud-Based Contact Center Infrastructure Market Hits its Stride

by Donna Fluss, DMG Consulting

Hosted, software-as-a-service (SaaS) or cloud-based solutions -- whatever you'd like to call them -- have caught on in the contact center world. This has happened while some of the market leaders continue to look on skeptically and enter the hosted market too slowly to satisfy many of their customers. Given the pace of adoption for hosted/cloud-based solutions in the technology market, it was inevitable that contact center buyers would participate; the only question was timing. This question was answered in 2011, as adoption of these solutions hit its stride.
[Full Article]   Nov-14-2011


Why Unified Communications is in Your Future

by Donna Fluss and Randy Brewton, DMG Consulting

Unified Communications (UC) is a term that we hear vendors discussing. But few business managers appreciate what it means and why it’s important. The primary reason why UC deserves attention is that it will soon play a leading role in the handling of most customer interactions, whether via phone, email, Web, chat, video, or other channels. IT managers have to care about UC because they will need to support a variety of UC-based technologies and applications, including private branch exchanges (PBXs), unified messaging, email, chat, SMS, real-time video, and an assortment of enterprise collaboration tools and applications.
[Full Article]   Aug-25-2011


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