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First Call Resolution Revisited Again

by Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D., President Human Technologies Global, Inc.

The challenge still exists today as to how to define and then measure FCR accurately, effectively, and efficiently. Some centers allow agents to determine if the customer's issue were resolved on first contact. The problem here obviously is that it's totally subjective. Some centers use their QA people to decide whether calls were resolved on first contact. This method is based on a random sampling and doesn't reflect a complete picture. Other centers use post-call surveys and directly ask the customer whether or not their issue was resolved on the first contact. To my way of thinking, the best way to determine the question of resolution is to ask your customer.
[Full Article]   May-18-2009


A Worldwide Cauldron of Disloyalty, Dysfunction and Disconnects: Business To Business Customer Service

by Brian Sprague, Accenture

During 2008 customers in Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America switched corporate customer service providers due to poor customer service at an average combined rate of 30 percent. Annually, these customers were spending an average of $15 million on products and customer service with these businesses. The result: Revenues and customers gone. Now consider this: Businesses in these industries give away 28 percent of their customer service for free because they lack insight into what support services their business customers are entitled to receive. Revenues gone and customer focus flawed. These troublesome findings surfaced in a recently completed Accenture research project consisted of two simultaneously adminis¨tered online global surveys, one for businesses providing customer service and the other for customers receiving that service.
[Full Article]   May-18-2009


To Coach or Not to Coach? That is the Question

By Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D., President of Human Technologies Global, Inc.

With all the uncertainty out there, there is someone who you can count on, and that person is you. And when this time in our history passes -- which it will -- you (and I) will still be here and who we are and how we handle ourselves will get us through.I believe this is the time to take great care of yourself, of your teams, your co-workers, your peers, your customers, and your family. It is a great time to find a coach, someone who is your mentor, your cheer leader, who pushes you out of your comfort zone and supports you in reaching or surpassing your goals.
[Full Article]   Apr-21-2009


Workforce Optimization: A Strategy for All Times

By Bill Durr, Principal Global Solutions Consultant, Verint Witness Actionable Solutions

Donít make the mistake in thinking that workforce optimization can be bought. Workforce optimization is a strategy designed to maximize customer value and satisfaction at the best cost. While strategies are "free," the cost of their execution is most assuredly not. Every strategy has a cost of execution. Manual executions of WFO strategies have high real costs. Silo solutions have high real costs, too. A WFO infrastructure -- tightly integrated -- is the transformative engine that enables the center to continue to create greater customer value. To execute a workforce optimization strategy, center management teams need appropriate workforce optimization technology infrastructure to support their efforts.
[Full Article]   Apr-07-2009


Do you know how your customers are being treated?

By Rebecca L. Morgan, CSP, CMC

Meeting with a potential client last week for a customer service improvement project, I asked if they monitored their staff's phone calls. The response was what I hear from 95% of my clients. "No." When I asked why not, there was some stumbling and fumbling and the bottom line was they hadn't thought of it. If you aren't periodically monitoring your people's customer service calls, here's a compelling story for why you should.
[Full Article]   Apr-07-2009


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