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The 10 Worst Things to Say in Tech Support

by Rich Gallagher, Point of Contact Group

I have one of the coolest jobs in the world. I go around the country teaching customer support centers what to say in their most difficult customer situations. People learn that you can defuse these situations with procedural skills, and once they "get" the mechanics of acknowledging, validating, asking good questions, and framing positive alternatives, they invariably wonder why they didn't always talk to customers this way. So, in the spirit of teaching people the right things to say, I'd like to share some of the worst phrases I normally hear people say in my workshops. Not rude things, or even the ubiquitous "read the manual," but rather phrases that nice people like you and me might say if we aren't careful. Phrases that are all but guaranteed to get a negative response from your customers. Here goes, with my tongue somewhat in cheek.
[Full Article]   Jun-16-2009


The Impact of Training on Turnover

By Rosanne D'Ausilio PhD, President, Human Technologies Global, Inc.

Although 90% of corporate executives say that employees are the most important variable in their companies’ success, a Towers Perrin survey reported that in practice they rank people-related issues far below other business priorities. Executives agreed improving employee performance would improve business results--73% even said their most important investment was people. However, people-related issues, such as training and compensation, consistently ranked at the bottom of the list.
[Full Article]   Jun-16-2009


Do Your Staff Follow Through On Your Advertisement's Promise of Superior Service?

by Rebecca L. Morgan, CSP, CMC

Companies can pay millions of dollars in advertising their superior service. But if their staff doesn’t actually deliver that service, all that advertising does is set up expectations that aren’t met, then you get unhappy customers.
[Full Article]   Jun-16-2009


Can your staff think?

Often times I find the staff of businesses don't know how to think beyond pre-described processes. When they get a question outside the norm, they just seem to shut off their brain, resulting in either no sales where there could have been one, or elongating the buying process if they could just think. Are you making it difficult for your customers to buy what they want to buy because your systems and non-thinking employees are preventing customers from parting with their money?
[Full Article]   May-19-2009


Contact Center Performance Management Packages Deliver Actionable Results and Rapid Benefits

by Donna Fluss, founder and President of DMG Consulting LLC

The contact center performance management (CCPM) market is maturing and vendors are responding to their customers' needs for solutions that rapidly deliver quantifiable benefits. CCPM vendors have begun to modularize their solutions and offer stand-alone packages to solve individual business performance problems. These packages are targeted at a specific issue, such as FCR, coaching, or rewards and incentive management. The advantage is that these packages are quick to implement because they require little customization or configuration. Generally they come with a set of 20 to 30 pre-defined metrics, KPIs, dashboards and scorecards, pre-built algorithms and standard reports. These packages deliver a rapid payback (3 months or less) with significantly lower start-up costs than full CCPM implementations. Several of the packages can be installed independently of the vendors' broader suites or platforms.
[Full Article]   May-18-2009


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