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The Impact of Conflict Management Training on Customer Service Delivery

By Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D.

The Impact of Conflict Management Training on Customer Service Delivery. This was the title of my case study in partial fulfillment of my doctoral degree which I completed in 1996. More on this in a moment. Here it is 13 years later. In a recent survey where training participants were asked what types of courses would greatly increase their effectiveness at work, 53% of respondents chose dealing with conflict or difficult people.
[Full Article]   Oct-06-2009


First Contact Resolution: The Performance Driver!

By Peter J. McGarahan, Founder and President, McGarahan & Associates

In calculating your cost per call/resolution, it's important to know the resource cost of the other teams (usually depicted in an average hourly wage) as well as the all important Work Effort! With this information in hand, you are well equipped to prove the cost reduction value of your continuous improvement initiatives, justifying investments using financial metrics (ROI, NPV, etc.) and defending empirically against external threats impacting the ecosystem of your support strategy, structure and operations.
[Full Article]   Aug-12-2009


Surveying is Still the Most Effective Method for Measuring Customer Satisfaction

by Donna Fluss, founder and President of DMG Consulting LLC

The future for contact center surveying/feedback and analytics is clear. New forms of communication and social networking applications are changing the landscape for acquiring customer feedback. Web 2.0 and social software applications, including wikis, blogs, customer review sites, community forums, social networks, content feeds, content rating, Twitter and reputation management, are beginning to find their way into customer feedback programs. Leading organizations are actively utilizing both solicited and unsolicited forms of customer feedback. As a result of increased interest and many new implementations, exciting new feedback opportunities are beginning to take hold.
[Full Article]   Aug-07-2009


The Process of Empowerment

by Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D., President Human Technologies Global, Inc.

Empowerment is the process that allows one to gain the knowledge, skill-sets and attitude needed to cope with the changing world and the circumstances in which one lives. Empower your people such that they can take care of customers in one interaction or transaction. Why? Empowerment:
  • makes good business sense

  • ups your efficiency level

  • shortens your call time

  • eliminates callbacks, and

  • affords an opportunity to cross-sell, upsell or whatever is appropriate in your organization.
  • [Full Article]   Aug-07-2009


    Apple’s unique take on tech support

    by Rebecca Morgan, CSP, CMC

    Tech support has been the bane of many companies. Watching their costs skyrocket, many began charging for tech support beyond a limited time frame. Many (most?) tried outsourcing to India and the Philippines, but some have pulled back to US-based support after their customers screamed about unintelligible "help." My experience with Apple's tech support was no different -- until recently.
    [Full Article]   Aug-07-2009


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