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Voice Self-Service is Essential for Achieving Top 2010 Enterprise and Contact Center Goals

by Donna Fluss, founder and President of DMG Consulting LLC

A Q3 2009 survey asked 107 enterprise, contact center and IT executives and decision-makers from around the globe to identify their top goals and priorities for 2010. Surprisingly voice self-service solutions (also known as interactive voice response systems or IVRs) are expected to play a key role in helping enterprises of all sizes achieve their 2010 objectives.
[Full Article]   Feb-19-2010


Performance Metrics and Conditioned Response: Improving Support Center Quality and Productivity

by Dave Brown, Support Center University

Staffing -- Labor -- Headcount. Whatever you call it, it is the largest expense for support centers and typically accounts for 60-70% (or more) of budgets. That’s why headcount is typically targeted during belt-tightening and budget cutting exercises. As painful as it may be, there’s no ‘easier’ way to cut 5% or 10% from the operating budget. As such, it is also your biggest opportunity for efficiency improvement and cost reduction. So, while cutting headcount reduces expense and adding tools often improves productivity -- what about going straight to the source and motivating agents to improve their own performance? Research has shown that 20% productivity improvement and 50% reduction in turnover can be achieved by most support centers through effective performance management.
[Full Article]   Feb-19-2010


Don't Push Send (yet)!

by Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D., President Human Technologies Global, Inc.

How do you answer these six questions:

1. Have you ever written and sent an email in haste?
2. Have you ever sent an email without reading it over first?
3. Have you ever forgotten to attach the attachment?
4. Have you answered only two of the three questions asked?
5. Have you ever sent an email when you're angry? And then regret it later?
6. Have you ever sent a detailed email that needs follow up on either your end or the receiver's and you never print it out so as to know how to follow up? And then you have to search through all your sent emails to find it?

I think we all have done at least one or two (or three) of these. I know I have. When there is sensitive information, what is your process before pushing 'send?' This article presents six suggestions.
[Full Article]   Feb-19-2010


Five New Year's Resolutions for Support Managers

by Rich Gallagher, Point of Contact Group

It is a new year - and for that matter, a new decade. A time that many of us resolve to start exercising, pay off our debts, or lose 20 pounds. But what about resolutions for your support team? Here are five of my favorites.
[Full Article]   Jan-18-2010


Is There a Case for Direct Connect in Today’s World?

by John Hamilton, President, Service Strategies Corp.

Just in the past few years we have noticed a trend where companies are consciously limiting or denying customers direct phone access to technical support staff. They are in fact reverting back to a Call Back support model that was pretty standard back in the early 1980's. If you can recall how bad support was back then, customers were very unhappy with poor response times, causing them to wait hours if not days before getting a call back from a qualified support person. Proactive companies did listen and restructured their support operations to address the response issue by implementing a Direct Connect model. Customer calls were now answered in real time by qualified technical staff rather than call administrators. But is there a case for Direct Connect in today's world?
[Full Article]   Jan-18-2010


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