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Fire the Robots

by Rich Gallagher, President, Point of Contact Group

We now live in a socially connected world, and your brand lives or dies on the basis of conversations – ones that you have with your customers, and ones they have about you. Your scripts need to reflect this brave new world of conversation. And while you are at it, your metrics also need to treat your agents like they have half a brain – particularly when it makes sense to vary from the script.
[Full Article]   Sep-10-2010


The Growing Importance of Social Media for Support Organizations

By: Donna Fluss and Maureen Rogers, DMG Consulting

While most of what's happening on the social media front is personal in nature, organizations are finding that it's important to listen carefully when they become the subject of discussion. Companies must respond both reactively (to prevent or stem a crisis, or the spread of misinformation) and proactively, tapping this emerging channel for feedback on their products and services, to provide support, to discover ideas for innovation, and to forge new bonds with customers.
[Full Article]   Sep-10-2010


A Business Perspective for DevOps

by Peter J. McGarahan, Founder and President, McGarahan & Associates

As a former Director of Infrastructure & Operations (I&O), I found it beneficial to establish a respectful working relationship with my Development Colleagues. It was important for the accountable leaders to better understand the objectives, workings and success metrics of each team. It was also critical for the leader to establish the ‘rules of engagement’ for how each team would assist each other in achieving their stated objectives (success metrics). In addition, when working with Infrastructure & Operations organizations, it has become apparent that as we continue to implement, measure and continuously improve the IT Infrastructure Library v3 (ITIL) processes, we must simultaneously address how we focus on all things new.
[Full Article]   Sep-10-2010


Family Therapy for Your Support Center

by Rich Gallagher, Point of Contact Group

So what can your support center learn from someone who is stroking his chin and saying, "Tell me how you feel about that"? Plenty, actually. There is a great deal of science nowadays behind how we resolve conflicts with people, much of which has come from the field of family therapy over the last 20 years or so. And a lot of it translates directly to things you can teach your support team about dealing with customers. Here are a few you might not have thought of.
[Full Article]   Jul-19-2010


Listen Carefully as Our Options Have Changed

by Rosanne D'Ausilio, Ph.D., President Human Technologies Global, Inc.

Customers want companies to treat them with dignity and respect. That means when they call, just give them the menu of choices without the excess verbiage. Tell them which number to push for which department and give them a 'zero out' option so they don’t get caught in IVR hell. Most don't care if a company's menu has changed - they only want to easily navigate the options offered and get to where they want to get to quickly and easily.
[Full Article]   Jul-19-2010


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