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Leveraging Service Excellence to Develop Customer Loyalty

By W. Ladd Bodem, ServiceXRG

Of all customers recently surveyed by ServiceXRG 47% indicated that service excellence keeps them loyal to technology vendors. While marketing, promotion and recognition initiatives are critical, they are less meaningful to existing customers. Current customers will not be influenced by what you tell them through marketing, rather they will form their opinion based on what you do for them through their service experience.

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[Full Article]   Jan-03-2005


Are Service Industry Awards Worth the Effort?

By Tom Sweeny, ServiceXRG

There are a plethora of industry awards and recognition opportunities to provide a means to get recognized for your service initiatives. Is it worth your effort to pursue industry recognition though these awards? This article presents some of the pros and cons.

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[Full Article]   Nov-02-2004


Reeling in Big ROI with Analytics: How to Maximize your Customer Feedback Program

By Dr. Jodie Monger – President, Customer Relationship Metrics

If you currently collect customer feedback in your center, but only look at high-level summary results, it’s like being a commercial fisherman gathering the daily catch using a fishing rod and reel. Managers cannot look at data as a static condition – you have to look at the relationship between things; nowhere is such a relationship more obvious than in a contact center where one thing drastically affects another. There is a cascading effect – when you tweak one thing – it has an impact on other things. Therefore, you cannot look at data as a static summary of numbers, but rather you must look at relationships by applying analytics to the data. You certainly do not manage the center to one thing at a time, so why would you look at customer feedback data only one way?
[Full Article]   Oct-14-2004


Defect Disconnect - Your product defect rate is much higher than you think

By W. Ladd Bodem, ServiceXRG

The value of tracking support metrics is well known. For some, sophisticated systems provide insightful and useful analysis of the customer service experience. Even the most rudimentary support tracking system organizes support requests into categories such as installation, documentation, defect, enhancement, etc. One of these categories, defects, may be far from accurate and very misleading.

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[Full Article]   Aug-30-2004


Understanding the Employee/Customer Connection

by Elizabeth A. Ahearn, President & CEO, The Radclyffe Group

Common sense tells us that if employees are happy in their jobs, then they will deliver outstanding service to customers consistently. In fact, there is a direct and meaningful correlation between customer loyalty, and employee satisfaction. As contact center technology continues to advance enabling more and more customer issues to be handled by technology solutions such as the Internet and speech recognition, the contact center representative will only be handling the more complex customer interactions. This requires high-caliber individuals with a specific skill set.

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[Full Article]   Jun-13-2004


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