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How Service Brand Equity Can Influence Product Selection

By W. Ladd Bodem, ServiceXRG

Service continues to be a primary decision factor for enterprise products. A third (34.5%) of all customers surveyed indicated that service excellence was the reason for doing business with a vendor in the first place. This is not to suggest that a customer selected one vendor over another solely based on the service reputation, however, service is an integral part of the enterprise technology evaluation and selection process.
[Full Article]   May-17-2005


The Support Organization as a Business - “Commitment From the Top Down”

By John Hamilton, President, Service Strategies

Though traditional mindsets have slowly been changing, all too often support is still seen as “a necessary evil” rather than a strategic part of the business and a critical element to the success of a corporation. And often, when business takes a downturn, support is the first place to feel it, through reduced headcount or slashed budgets. So, what are the keys that show a company is committed to their support organization?
[Full Article]   Apr-13-2005


When it Comes to Service, Perfection is not the Goal

By W. Ladd Bodem, ServiceXRG

Much has been written about how important it is to provide outstanding service that exceeds the customer’s expectations. That is not necessarily correct. In fact, providing such service is in most cases the wrong thing to do. A far more effective business objective is the pursuit of service excellence. Service Excellence is the balance of quality, cost and customer satisfaction, while the pursuit of perfection will often forsake other essential business goals. Service Excellence is the point at which a service organization has achieved proper balance between financial performance and customer loyalty.

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[Full Article]   Mar-22-2005


The True Test for Outsourcing

By W. Ladd Bodem, ServiceXRG

Outsourcing technical support offshore is a topic that has received much press lately. In a recent ServiceXRG survey of enterprise users, 24% of respondents said they would stop doing business with a vendor if they outsourced support regardless of the quality of support. It is not clear that they would actually stop doing business but it is clear that outsourcing is an emotional issue. Properly executed outsourcing can not only be financially attractive but a competitive advantage. Outsourcing will fail if a balance between customer and business needs is not achieved. This paper proposes a simple methodology to assess and address excellence in outsourcing.

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[Full Article]   Feb-08-2005


Answering E-Mail From Angry Customers: How To Turn Furious People Into Fans

By Leslie O’Flahavan and Marilynne Rudick, E-WRITE

In a perfect world there would be no angry customers. The product would work flawlessly, it would arrive on time, and no customer would wait—listening to elevator music—for 30 minutes. But absent that perfect world, you will have angry customers. And they will send angry e-mails. Whether you’re hearing from your angry customer by phone or e-mail, your goals are similar: fix the problem and convert an angry customer into your biggest fan. Follow the ten tips in this article for answering e-mail from angry customers and you’ll solve the customer’s problem and soothe his anger.
[Full Article]   Jan-18-2005


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