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Getting Customers to Love You

By Jeanne Bliss, founder of CustomerBLISS

As much attention as customer service gets these days, the fact of the matter is that it’s the unusual organization that’s set up to let people think and act collectively on behalf of customers. We’re stuck in our silos making independent decisions; taking isolated actions for the purpose of executing our discipline, achieving good numbers and earning a good review. Of course the customer experience doesn’t happen neatly down each individual silo. The customer experiences a company horizontally, across the silos. This is the breeding ground for the lack of respect customers feel and the discontent they have with us. This article presents 10 Ways to love (and respect) your customers.
[Full Article]   Mar-21-2006


New Metrics No Contact Center Manager Can Live Without

We live and die, thrive and suffer by the numbers in the contact center. Our representatives receive incentives, bonuses are handed out and recognition of the contact center throughout the organization occurs when it “meets” its numbers.
Stop to think about what you really measure because what is measured truly drives the behavior of the representatives, the team managers, the quality team, and the center manager. It also drives the perception of the contact center within the organization.

A needed change is occurring and some centers have begun to use the voice of the customer to create CUSTOMER METRICS to complement their more traditional Center Metrics and balance out their performance scorecards.

[Full Article]   Nov-01-2005


Defining and Measuring Self-Service Deflection

Contributed By ServiceXRG

Self-service offers the potential to provide a low cost, highly effective supplement to live service and support. Self-service can result in a number of business benefits such as reducing service delivery costs, increasing service level performance and improving customer satisfaction. To determine how well self-services are working, it is imperative to institute formal measurement processes.

The foundation for a successful self-service measurement strategy is the ability to quantify the business impact from self-service initiatives. Effective self-service measurement efforts must be able to answer the question: What impact is self-service having on the business?
One of the most important yet misunderstood metrics of self-service business impact is deflection.
[Full Article]   Oct-03-2005


Why Availability of Service Matters

By W. Ladd Bodem, ServiceXRG

According to a recent survey by ServiceXRG of enterprise users, availability of support when the customer needs it is the leading characteristic of service excellence. Availability of services is at the heart of service excellence. What makes this characteristic particularly important is that no other element of service, including quality or timeliness, matters if services are not accessible.
[Full Article]   Aug-11-2005


Creating and Managing Effective Self-Service Content

By W. Ladd Bodem, ServiceXRG

There are volumes of information and countless sources of knowledge that can be published to a support web site. Comprehensive coverage of issues is important, however, quantity of content cannot be a substitute for quality of content. A well defined editorial process combined with the skilled resources to develop and maintain quality content are essential elements to self-service success. This article explores and identifies the various sources of content as well as the editorial processes necessary to effectively create and manage self-service content.
[Full Article]   Jun-27-2005


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