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Can You Hear Me Now? The Secret Service Shopper Triez-on Verizon

by the Secret Service Shopper

I really hate going to the cellular phone store. Really hate it. I’m always frustrated with my customer service experience because the sales people always try to sell me gadgets, not solutions. No, I do not need a camera phone. No, I do not need an MP3 player phone. No, I do not need text messaging to compete with my already overused Blackberry! No, I do not need the “cell-phone-that-does-it-all” generation telling me the features and functionality I need in to do my job! What I need is for salespeople who can hear me now _ store associates who actually: Listen first, Solve second, and Sell third. Does Verizon measure up?

[Full Article]   Oct-24-2006


Eight Essential Writing Skills for Techies

By Leslie O’Flahavan and Marilynne Rudick, E-WRITE

A bold statement: technical people need adequate writing skills. Though we realize many techies despise writing—“I hated English; that’s why I became an engineer in the first place”—techies in today’s workplace need to be able to write. Besides, the whole concept of being either non-literary (a techie) or non-technical (a wordie?) is dead. Fifteen years ago, we all had that one stubborn non-techie colleague who “wasn’t into” computers or “didn’t do” e-mail. But today, being unwilling or unable to use current technology simply isn’t an option, nor is being unable to write clearly. This article presents a list of writing skills techies must have. These writing skills are non-negotiable. Without them, technical staff won’t have the communication power to succeed.
[Full Article]   Aug-07-2006


The Elephant in the Room

The power core is an unusually strong yet often unspoken force. Never underestimate the power of its pull. Because executives make decisions through the filter of the power core, people want to perform there: they will be driven to perform where the enthusiasm is the highest, the understanding is the easiest, and the rewards are the greatest. This excerpt from the book Chief Customer Officer by Jeanne Bliss discusses the six common power cores that determine how things go inside the corporate machine. You’ll likely find one of them to be the dominant factor in decision making and direction in your company.
[Full Article]   Jul-05-2006


Building Great Customer Connections

Most people feel that the skills of excellent customer service are obvious: Be a nice person. Have a great attitude. Think nice thoughts. Etcetera. But in my experience, training thousands of people and “turning around” the performance of service teams, great service goes much deeper than that, into the mechanics of what we say to customers. When you master these mechanics, the difference in customer satisfaction, profitability, and your own personal level of success can be nothing short of amazing. This article, by expert Richard Gallagher, takes a look at three simple, real-world techniques – based on known principles of psychology – that will not only please your customers, but change your life.
[Full Article]   May-10-2006


The 5 Biggest Customer Service Blunders of All Time

While howls of protest over poor customer service continue to fill the air, there remain some businesses that manage to consistently deliver superior customer service year in and year out. These are the places where turbo-charged employees pursue customer delight with a passion, places that ignite a flashpoint of contagious enthusiasm in employees and customers alike. Foremost among the lessons to be learned from such flashpoint businesses are the blunders to avoid—those fatal mistakes that trip up just about everybody else.
[Full Article]   May-02-2006


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