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Nothing Soft About It

By Rich Gallagher, Point of Contact Group

Could you imagine what Starbucks would be like if its CEO hated coffee? Or what if you started a rock band and never listened to rock and roll? These are examples of what, in my mind, is the single biggest problem with the customer support industry today. I recently spent two days at an executive retreat with support leaders from some of the biggest names in technology, as an observer. I heard lots of things about metrics, processes, and systems. But customers? Nary a word. So why is it that in a business that has "customer" as its first word, its C-level executives often seem to care about the customer experience?
[Full Article]   Aug-17-2011


How to Get the Most Out Of Proactive Customer Care

Proactive customer care (PCC) is an exciting concept that, when done properly, delivers benefits to both enterprises and their customers. Customers want to hear from preferred retailers, healthcare providers, airlines, delivery companies, etc., as long as they consider the communicated information beneficial. The challenge for businesses and other organizations is to create useful communications that their customers welcome, and to deliver these messages in each customer’s channel of choice – phone, email, SMS, fax and, in the future, video.
[Full Article]   May-10-2011


The Last Customer

by Rich Gallagher, Point of Contact Group

What if you had one simple rule – for you and your support team – that would guarantee excellent service? I recently completed a new business fable (stay tuned!), with a charming story that was based around just such a rule. Here it is: Treat every customer like they were your very last customer.

That's it. No policy manuals. No committees. No balanced scorecards. Just one simple rule that clarifies all of your actions and all of your policies, now and in the future. A compass that will always point you on the shortest path toward success and profitability. And a guiding principle you can teach everyone on your team in less than five minutes.
[Full Article]   Feb-09-2011


New Servicing/CRM System Benchmark Study Reveals Urgent Need for Change

by Donna Fluss, DMG Consulting

In 1997, customer relationship management (CRM) vendors burst onto the enterprise software scene and promised to deliver functionally rich servicing applications to satisfy the needs of sales, marketing and customer service organizations. The idea was to do a better and more cost-effective job of servicing customers while providing a 360-degree view of customers. Unfortunately, a large percentage of enterprises that made investments in these solutions did not realize most of the projected benefits. Enterprises bought into the CRM vision because they needed to improve their servicing applications. Thirteen years later, 45.2% of contact centers are still using home-grown legacy, mainframe or client server CRM applications. The state and effectiveness of servicing applications appears to be as bad now as it was 13 years ago.
[Full Article]   Feb-09-2011


Hosted IVR Vendors Are Here to Serve

End users are showing a strong preference for hosted and managed service IVR solutions, as reflected in the increasing percentage of the market being captured by these vendors. This is a trend that DMG Consulting expects to continue long after the economy recovers. End users have found the hosted/managed service acquisition model compelling and convenient, as it enables them to purchase leading technology and applications without a large up-front investment or the need for in-house expertise. As enterprises migrate to hosted/managed service offerings, they are increasingly adding speech recognition, which is a standard part of most of these offerings.
[Full Article]   Dec-07-2010


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