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NICE Introduces Contact Center Video Recording

NICE Systems announced the launch of its Contact Center Video Recording solution, which helps organizations deliver an excellent customer experience by monitoring and enhancing the quality of service provided via video-enabled contact centers. The solution combines NICE’s extensive real-time audio capture expertise with its experience in video surveillance for security. NICE Video Recording enables organizations to continuously monitor agent performance, provide additional coaching as needed, and maintain a single standard of performance across the operation. Quality monitoring is applied to both audio and visual recordings, enabling organizations to better understand not only what was said during a customer interaction, but also what was implied through the body language of the agent and the customer.
[Full Article]   Aug-04-2013


Sky Selects NICE to Enhance Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency

NICE Systems announced that it has been selected by Sky to further enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiency. Sky will utilize a joint NICE-Silver Lining workforce optimization (WFO) solution to more effectively manage its multi-skilled workforce in order to provide outstanding customer service, drive optimal business results, and reduce costs. The offering will provide the most complete visibility into actual agent activity and skill gaps for over 7,500 customer-facing employees. Using this performance data, the company can create, manage, and enhance tailored training plans at scale. It can also ensure that agents are able to quickly and easily access information needed during real-time customer interactions.
[Full Article]   Jul-28-2013


New IBM Software Helps Companies Reinvent Relationships with Exceptional Digital Experiences

IBM announced new Digital Experience software that allows organizations to create customized digital experiences that reinvent the way they engage with their most important audiences: customers, employees and business partners. Aligned with IBM's Smarter Commerce initiative, the new software allows line of business employees from marketing, sales, HR and customer loyalty, to produce, share and distribute digital content on the fly, to all mobile and social channels -- without the need for \outside assistance.
[Full Article]   Jul-28-2013


Cisco to buy Sourcefire

Cisco Systems Inc said it plans to purchase cybersecurity company Sourcefire Inc for $2.7 billion, a deal that should spark more acquisitions in the industry as large vendors seek to profit from growing demand for IT security. Cisco, which has been seeking targets to boost its network security business, said it will pay $76 per share in cash for Sourcefire, a premium of 28.6 percent over its closing price on Monday of $59.08. Analysts said the valuation may be high but the deal made sense for Cisco, which has lost market share in network security to small, innovative rivals such as Juniper Networks Inc, Check Point Software Technologies, and Palo Alto Networks Inc.
[Full Article]   Jul-28-2013


CallMiner Delivers Automated Next-Best-Action Guidance Directly to Call Center Agents

CallMiner, a provider of speech analytics and automated quality monitoring solutions for contact centers, announced that it has expanded its EurekaLive real-time performance monitoring platform with advanced direct agent feedback and context driven workflow capabilities. EurekaLive uses contextual language patterning to analyze every word spoken in live conversation and intelligently guides agents to better call outcomes including higher sales, improved customer satisfaction, and stricter compliance adherence. EurekaLive delivers the same real-time alerting information to supervisors and quality analysts, allowing for action or intervention while the call is still in progress. The alert monitor interface has the added benefit of providing transcript snippets surrounding alerts and instant playback of call segments, further reducing the monitoring effort.
[Full Article]   Jul-21-2013


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