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High-Tech Jobs Driving Economic Growth in More Cities

High-technology is driving economic growth in a broad range of cities such as Minneapolis and Las Vegas, not just traditional technology hubs such as Silicon Valley and Boston, according to a new study from real-estate services firm Jones Lang LaSalle. Not only are tech jobs on the rise in those markets, but they are having a huge impact on the surrounding economy. For each new job that is created in the tech sector, five jobs are created in service fields, from law to yoga instruction, according to JLL. The manufacturing sector, by way of comparison, creates only about 1.7 support positions for each core job within the industry.
[Full Article]   Aug-18-2013




U.S. Cloud Computing Industry Could Lose Between $21.5 billion and $35 billion in Revenues Over the Next Three Years

The U.S. cloud computing industry could lose between $21.5 billion and $35 billion in revenues over the next three years as a result of concerns about the National Security Agency’s electronic surveillance programs, the FT’s Paul Taylor reports. The figures, calculated by the Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, are the first serious attempt to gauge the impact of the NSA revelations on cloud computing providers. To calculate the potential revenue losses, the foundation cites a recent membership survey by the Cloud Security Alliance. Among the non-U.S. respondents, 10% said they had canceled a project with a U.S.-based cloud computing provider while 56% said that they would be less likely to use a U.S.-based cloud computing service. Among U.S.-based respondents, 36% indicated that the NSA disclosures had made it more difficult for them to do business outside of the U.S.
[Full Article]   Aug-11-2013


Latest Versions of Calabrio Workforce Management and Calabrio Quality Management Rated “Avaya Compliant

Calabrio, Inc., a provider of contact center workforce optimization and analytics software, announced that its latest versions of Calabrio Workforce Management and Calabrio Quality Management solutions are compliant with key contact center solutions from Avaya, a provider of business collaboration and communication software and services. Calabrio Workforce Management optimizes toolsets for each user role, enabling managers to achieve more efficient forecasting and scheduling, reduce unnecessary support and tighten resources. Calabrio Quality Management software features highly-scalable voice and screen recording and evaluation to support users at any and all locations to enable consistency across the organization.
[Full Article]   Aug-11-2013


Black Hills Corp. Leverages Mobile Apps for Enhanced Customer Service

Understanding the significant impact service quality has on many facets of business, from customer retention and new acquisitions to bottom line savings, Black Hills Corp. has turned to the mobile workforce management provider, ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. , for components of Black Hills’ long-term strategic technology plan to boost customer service through unified processes and mobile connectivity. The implementation will allow the company to share and optimize resources and information across multiple business units in real-time. This will offer Black Hills increased scheduling flexibility based on skills and proximity. In addition, Black Hills plans to improve communication with customers by providing estimated arrival time updates.
[Full Article]   Aug-04-2013


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