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8x8 Delivers Millennial-Ready Contact Center Enhancements

8x8 introduced advanced quality management tools and new analytics capabilities for its cloud contact center solution, Virtual Contact Center. This VCC update, Quality Management 3.5 Release, reflects 8x8's commitment to move upmarket from small and mid-sized businesses with offerings suitable for global enterprises as well. 8x8 has attached the marketing tagline "collaborative performance management" to the release -- and several new features support that characterization. The most interesting one among them is the ability to type an @mention in an interaction recording to add an annotation and share the media file with others in the business.
[Full Article]   Aug-02-2017


Liveops New Skill Builder Teaches Call Center 'Soft Skills'

Liveops is adding to its collection of training services with a new customizable distance learning program for contact center workers called Skill Builder. Skill Builder provides live training feedback and multiple training models to help agents develop their soft skills while training them on contact center technology at the same time. Skill Builder takes the knowledge base developed from the first iteration of online training, providing two categories of content: one, company-specific information for reps; and two, softer skills, such as resolution management.


IBM Watson Aims to Improve Call Center, IVR CX

Call centers and interactive voice response systems are notorious for creating customer frustration. But new solutions that leverage artificial intelligence and automation aim to change that by providing customers and call center agents with the information they need more quickly. The IBM Watson Voice Gateway can connect conversations between call center agents and users, and serve up customer details and other relevant information to the agent. IBM notes that it accelerates access to information, allows for more personalization, expedites call center rep training, improves call efficiency and user experience, and results in enhanced workforce optimization.
[Full Article]   Mar-27-2017


8x8 Announces Availability of New Virtual Contact Center Editions

8x8, Inc. has announced the general availability of new 8x8 Virtual Contact Center Editions and implementation packages. The new solution and integration options are packaged and priced to better align features and value delivery with the specific requirements of companies adopting cloud for their contact center needs. The Virtual Contact Center Editions offer four simple packages that are designed with the features and capabilities necessary to meet the most common and innovative customer requirements. Some customers may simply require a voice-only contact center, while others need the full suite of features, including omni-channel and quality management solutions, offered by the 8x8 Virtual Contact Center.
[Full Article]   Mar-26-2017


Talkdesk Launches Interactive Real-Time Reporting Experience

Talkdesk, a cloud-based call center software provider, announced the launch of Talkdesk Live. Talkdesk Live is the first reporting experience to be built on top of Talkdesk’s new predictive insights platform. In addition to providing customers with real-time call center insights, Talkdesk Live also makes it easy to monitor and maintain KPIs for both sales and service teams. Optimized for both sales and service teams, Talkdesk Live enables companies to leverage data to improve their customer communication strategies. Talkdesk Live's drill-down graphics provide both big-picture insights as well as granular details to help teams understand the factors that drive their call center's performance.

[Full Article]   Oct-09-2016


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