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Free Report: Tiered Support is Dead!

Managing customer support using tiers, or levels, is not good business. In today’s customer-centric marketplace there is a better way to differentiate and improve the customer experience.

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Mitel Enhances Contact Center Solution to Power Exceptional Customer Experiences for Today’s Mobile Consumer
Mitel, a global leader in real-time business, cloud and mobile communications, announced expansions to the MiContact Center Business digital customer experience solution. The expansions provide cross-platform integration and a browser-based application to help agents and supervisors engage in more informed interactions with customers and resolve issues faster.

Aspect Software Announces Workforce Chatbot, Aspect Mila - Intelligent Assistant Brings Newfound Efficiency to Contact Center Agents
Aspect Software, a provider of fully-integrated consumer engagement, workforce optimization, and back-office solutions on premises and in the cloud, announced Aspect® Mila, a new interactive assistant that redefines how contact center supervisors and agents interact with workforce applications and each other. Aspect Mila is an integration of Aspect CXP and Aspect natural language understanding (NLU) technologies. When used with components of the Aspect EQ Workforce Optimization (WFO) suite, it allows supervisors to better manage staffing requirements and empowers agents to take control of their schedules from anywhere using their mobile devices, without direct access to the WFO desktop applications.

Numerify expands Analytic Applications Suite to help IT leaders 
Numerify, a cloud-based analytics company focused on business insights for IT leaders, announced the release of several new applications to expand its offerings. In addition to Numerify's existing data intelligence capabilities for service management, the suite of applications now provides analytics for project portfolio, IT operations, contact center, incident security response, customer service, HR, and enterprise service to offer IT leaders an unparalleled view of their organization.

Do You Know How Much Bad Contact Data is Costing Your Organization?

One in 4 contact records contains critical errors and costs companies signficnat money each year. Bad data has far-reaching negative impacts on the the organization as a whole. The good news: it is largely correctable. 

In this paper, we discuss where bad contact data originates and what can be done to correct and maintain the data quality within contact records going forward.

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US Tech Spend: Business Technology (BT) Investments Will Rise 10% In 2016

Forrester recently released its US technology spend outlook, which includes data on tech spend and lays out how businesses should position their firms’ tech spending plans (see image below). Key findings show that:

  • While overall US tech market growth in 2016 will be subdued at 4.3% because of weak demand for hardware and licensed software, spending on business technology will increase by more than 10%, exceeding half of all new project spending.

  • Cloud adoption will hit a tipping point this year, as firms' use of software-as-a-service (SaaS) as a replacement for existing software will hit critical mass.

  • Next year will be a better year for the US tech market, and Forrester forecasts 5.1% growth overall and 8.9% growth for BT spending.


Contact Centers Need to Adopt Omni-Lingual Strategies to Support Growing Language Diversity & Heightened Consumer Expectations

The International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) in partnership with Lionbridge Technologies, Inc. released, "Lost in Translation: Leveraging Language to Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience." The new research report is the largest study ever conducted around how contact centers support languages. The report reveals that non-primary language volume will increase and that contact centers are not currently prepared to accommodate such transition.

As organizations aim to increase their global footprint and/or serve customers of all languages, they are struggling to provide omni-lingual support for voice much less self-service and digital channels. ICMI and Lionbridge's report dives into how language is affecting the productivity and success of contact centers, and provides actionable insight into how they can deploy a more strategic and scalable approach to omni-lingual support.

Contact centers continue to experience rapid change as emerging technologies have opened new communication channel offerings. While these strides have pushed the contact center into executive level conversations, language has yet to be brought to the forefront. As a result, customer experience (CX) is suffering.

When providing customer support, language is perhaps the most important component to have control over -- the ability to properly and effectively communicate with the customer is crucial. However, currently 79 percent of contact centers have customers who are not native speakers of the primary language(s) that they serve.

This is a large concern, since the importance of language will see an increase over the next three years -- where 52 percent of contact centers expect their volume of non-primary language communications to increase over this time.

ICMI and Lionbridge's report is comprised of responses from 526 professionals from every role and level in contact centers and customer service organizations. This research also explains what information contact center leaders need, as well as what steps must be taken to reverse the stagnant position on omni-channel multilingual support. The report explores the following:

Language Support Expectations
A majority of contact center leaders recognized that customers have the expectation that they will receive service in their native language when contacting a brand - however 79 percent of contact centers have customers who are not native speakers of the primary language(s) that they serve.

Language Support Challenges
The single biggest challenge in providing support beyond a contact center's primary language is finding and retaining in-house bi/multilingual agents. Nearly 20 percent of those surveyed said they provide a scripted response and make no further attempt to support customers who do not speak the contact center's primary language. Contact centers need to look at solutions that include but are not limited to in-house agents.

Language Support Strategies
The most common approach to support non-primary language contacts is to utilize in-house Bi- and/or Multilingual agents. 32 percent only informally find someone in the department that can translate or speak the language.

The Impact of Language Support on Metrics
If we don't measure quality, it is impossible to manage effectively it. 20 percent of contact centers do not even measure the quality of their non-primary language contacts.


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From Touchpoints to Journeys: Seeing the World as Customers Do
To maximize customer satisfaction, companies have long emphasized touchpoints. But doing so can divert attention from the more important issue: the customer’s end-to-end journey.


3 Tips to Improve Contact Center Reporting
Many company leaders share that same goal. However, aligning your contact center reporting strategy to your goals is no simple stroll in the park. It starts by questioning everything. Is the data valuable? Is the data accurate? Who’s going to own the data? Who’s going to do something with that data? What are the call drivers in this data? What data should I ignore? Does the data tell me something? Does the data help me make decisions? Whether you manage an in-house center or work with outsourced contact center partners, we’ve got the answers to help.


CIOs Combat Messaging Overload With Mobile 'Micro Apps'
Thanks to cloud and mobile applications, companies have eliminated tedious paper shuffling but this has created a new problem -- application fatigue. Enterprise software is cramming email inboxes with messages prompting workers to manage expense reports, purchase orders and other business processes. The very software designed to enhance your productivity is taking more of your time than was originally intended.


Data Generation Gap: Younger IT Workers Believe The Hype
There's a growing generation gap when it comes the promise of revenues from data-driven projects. Where younger workers see the future, older workers may only see another cycle of tech hype.


How CRM and Marketing Automation Transform Your Business
CRM and marketing automation have been buzzwords for quite some time now. Many businesses have jumped on the trend, however few truly understand how it can transform your business into a power entity. Of course, investing in CRM and marketing automation wont change your business overnight, however, if implemented properly can help you generate more leads and close more deals than you did without the use of technology.


In Customer Service Chat, You Have to Do More Than Answer
Customer service chat is popular with companies and customers alike. It’s easy, it’s quick, and it works well on mobile devices. But easy and popular doesn’t always equal good. Read this chat with customer service agent “Jack”. It is a set of customer service blunders, large and small.


What Customers Crave
by Nicholas J. Webb

The best companies in the world discover what their customers desire--and then deliver it in memorable and deeply human experiences. How well do you know your customers? "What Customers Crave" examines how the hyper-connected economy is radically changing consumer expectations, and reveals what companies need to do to stay on top. The solution rests on two simple questions: What do your customers love? What do they hate? Find the answers, and you're well on your way to success.

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