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: Learn How to Coach Your Support Team with Strength-Based Communication

Thursday, April 26 - 10 AM PT / 1PM ET

How you coach your employees is probably the single biggest factor in your team's success. It affects how people learn, grow and buy in to your objectives.

Join SupportIndustry.com and communication skills expert Rich Gallagher for a new, bold and effective approach to coaching your team. We will demonstrate the techniques of strength-based communication, a method that is sweeping athletic coaching, business and other areas of team management.

Attend this interactive webinar to learn:

  • Why your support team isn’t listening
  • How to be a powerfully effective coach
  • How to distribute coaching throughout your team
  • Limits to strength-based coaching

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Zendesk Introduces Analytics Tool to Help Companies Understand the "Silent" Customer
Zendesk, a cloud-based help desk software provider, announced its new Search Analytics feature that provides Zendesk customers with insight into how their customers try to help themselves by using self-service content. These "silent" customers often rely exclusively on self-service content to solve their issues, without ever trying to reach a customer service representative. The understanding of how self-service customers behave is a powerful tool that organizations can use to help shape their customer service strategy. The Search Analytics feature can be viewed through the Reporting Dashboard in Zendesk that delivers key metrics organizations can use to optimize the customer service experience.

AAA, CareCore National and Skowhegan Savings Bank Improve and Speed Interactions with Cisco Contact Center Solutions
Cisco announced continued contact center solution momentum with a host of new customers that have deployed products from the Cisco(R) Customer Collaboration suite, including Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise, Cisco MediaSense, and the Cisco SocialMiner(TM) solution. New customers include AAA, a motor club and leisure travel organization; CareCore National, the largest evidence based healthcare solutions company in the U.S.; and Skowhegan Savings Bank, an independent Maine-based mutual savings bank.

Five9 and NICE Deliver Workforce Optimization In The Cloud
Five9 Inc., a provider of cloud-based contact center software, and NICE Systems, a provider of cross-channel analytics, announced the availability of a cloud-based Workforce Optimization (WFO) solution. The solution, hosted by Five9 in the cloud, adds NICE Technology to the comprehensive Five9 contact center solution. Five9 Workforce Optimization (WFO) consistently measures and develops critical agent skills while driving operational efficiency across the entire organization. The solution also includes enhanced data protection and customer retention capabilities that aid contact centers in complying with consumer privacy regulations.

The 2012 Service & Support Snapshot: 5 Support Trends That Will Change Your Business in 2012

Supportindustry.com conducted our annual survey examining the state of enterprise customer service and support in November of 2011. The survey found the following:

  • Renewed growth in support volumes and budgets after a long period of economic stagnation.
  • A decisive shift in support channels.
  • Continued weakness in customer adoption of social media in support.
  • The clear establishment of cloud-based solutions and remote support as standards in the industry.

This year's survey also shows that while this industry has matured on many fronts, 2012 will represent a year of continued substantive change. The industry has turned the corner from traditional telephone hotlines to a world of online services, cloud-based tools, and collaborative environments.

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Social CRM and Mobile Capabilities Boost Productivity by 26.4 Percent
A Nucleus Research survey of CRM decision makers found that organizations can significantly increase returns on their CRM investments by adding mobile and social capabilities, particularly for salespeople. Nucleus surveyed 223 CRM decision makers and found an average productivity gain of 14.6 percent from mobile capabilities and 11.8 percent from social CRM.

Mobile CRM

While salespeople have used mobile devices for some time, the 14.6 percent productivity increase seen in this report is driven by the development of custom, device-specific applications that take advantage of the form factors of individual devices. Vendors and consultants are increasingly delivering task-specific, role- and vertical-based views of mobile CRM data that make it easier for salespeople to go beyond updating their pipeline via their smart phone.

Social CRM

Nucleus has found that early adopters of social CRM have recognized clear benefits, such as increased visibility and productivity. The 11.8 percent productivity gain is high, and Nucleus expects adoption of social CRM, particularly by salespeople, to grow not just in real numbers, but also in frequency of activity as users become more aware of the technology’s capabilities and as vendors’ offerings mature.


Cloud and Bandwidth Demands Challenge IT Teams
Network Instruments, a provider of network and application performance monitoring, released its Fifth Annual State of the Network Global Study today. The results suggest a potential management storm as IT teams face significant monitoring challenges from multiple forms of cloud computing, as well as substantially increased bandwidth demands.

Study Highlights

  • Moving apps to the cloud: 60% anticipate half of their apps will run in the cloud within 12 months
  • Video is mainstream: 70% will implement video conferencing within a year
  • Bandwidth demand driven by video: 25% expect video will
    consume half of all bandwidth in 12 months
  • Chief application challenge: 83% were most challenged by identifying the problem source
  • Increased bandwidth demands: 33% expect bandwidth consumption to increase by more than 50% in next two years.

Cloud Computing

While the number of organizations embracing cloud (60%) remains steady compared to last year’s study results, the number of implementations per organization is growing. Most notably were Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and private cloud deployments -- which grew by 10% over the last year. On average, respondents expected one-third of their applications to be running in the cloud within 12 months.

Seventy-four percent of respondents indicated their chief concern about cloud migration was ensuring corporate data security. The number is nearly double that of last year, and may be the primary reason for slowing cloud adoption by new organizations. Other top concerns included lack of accurate end-user experience monitoring and the bandwidth impact of cloud services.

Although challenging from a monitoring and visibility perspective, one-third of organizations indicated application availability increased as a result of cloud migration.

Video Conferencing

After many false starts, enterprise video conferencing is now mainstream. Video conferencing has been implemented by 55%, with an expected 70% within a year. Nearly two-thirds of these organizations have implemented multiple deployments throughout their organization. These include standard conference rooms (75%), desktop PCs (63%), and telepresence systems (30%).

While video is clearly embraced, several cited challenges that could hinder wider adoption. Inadequate user knowledge and training was viewed as the largest concern in ensuring a positive video conference experience (53%). This was followed by difficulties allocating and monitoring bandwidth (47%), and a lack of tools to manage video performance (47%).

Further compounding these issues are the lack of standardized metrics to monitor video quality. Network professionals typically relied on a mix of metrics to assess quality, including latency (76%), packet loss (69%), and jitter (60%). Surprisingly, less than one in five use Video MOS, a metric specifically designed to determine video quality.

By the beginning of 2013, nearly one-quarter of respondents expect video to consume over half of their bandwidth.
Performance and Bandwidth Management

As applications become more complex and tiered, the ability to resolve service delivery issues grows. Eighty-three percent of respondents said the largest application troubleshooting challenge was identifying the problem source. Whereas, more than two-thirds of respondents predicted network traffic demands would increase by 25%-50% within two years.


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The Value in Wowing Your Customers
Wowing your customers doesn't need to be expensive - I call them "frugal wows." A company that brings a smile to the face of its customers in this manner builds a huge reservoir of goodwill and positive word of mouth at very little expense. What distinguishes "wow" companies is that they have created what might be called a "Golden Rule" culture. Employees treat customers as they would like to be treated if they were in the customers' shoes.
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Accessibility in the Multichannel World
The sooner you pull the full range of interactions and channels into your customer service operations -- categorize them correctly and build them into your plans and processes -- the sooner you are able to scale resources and respond as opportunities unfold.
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Unresponsive IT? CEO Must Share Blame
Multi-channel marketing and social CRM may be at the top of the CMO's agenda, but not all CEOs are pushing these trends. And CIOs and their IT organizations tend to be only as progressive and innovative as their CEOs expect them to be.
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5 Big Security Mistakes You're Probably Making
hackers claim they can point their systems at pretty much any target and be guaranteed of breaking in fairly quickly. Most run-of-the-mill vulnerability testers I know can break into a company in a few hours or less. It must be child's play for professional criminals. It doesn't have to be this way. The problem is that most IT admins are making the same huge mistakes over and over.
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Crowded at the Top: The Rise of the Functional Manager
It's getting a little less lonely at the top. So says recent research that reports a dramatic change in the top management structure of large US firms. According to a survey of some 300 Fortune 500 companies, the number of managers reporting directly to the CEO has doubled, from an average of 5 direct reports in 1986 to an average of 10 today. The growth is driven almost entirely by an increase in the number of C-level "functional" managers, rather than by an increase in general managers. These days, along with the CEO and the general managers, top offices are teeming with specific titles such as chief financial officer, chief marketing officer, chief technology officer, and chief human resources officer.
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BookThe Ultimate Question 2.0: How Net Promoter Companies Thrive in a Customer-Driven World
by Fred Reichheld

In this thoroughly updated and expanded edition, Reichheld, with Bain colleague Rob Markey, explains how practitioners have built Net Promoter into a full-fledged management system that drives extraordinary financial and competitive results. With his trademark clarity, Reichheld:

  • Defines the fundamental concept of Net Promoter, explaining its connection to your company’s growth and sustained success
  • Presents the closed-loop feedback process and demonstrates its power to energize employees and delight customers
  • Shares new and compelling stories of companies that have transformed their performance by putting Net Promoter at the center of their business

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SupportIndustry.com White Paper -- Six Trends Every Support Organization Should Know
What does support look like at your company – and how about for your peers? This groundbreaking SupportIndustry.com survey pulls back the curtains on the actual support infrastructure of nearly 500 organizations. This white paper goes under the hood to see what tools and processes drive current support operations and discusses the six trends every support organization must know. Get your copy of the white paper detailing the survey results today!

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  • Research Insight: Average Speed to Answer, Wait Time and Handle Time
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