Industry Research White Paper:
Best Practices For Improving Your Support Center

Though savvy businesses have long recognized the power of customer service as a differentiator, more than a few find themselves playing catch-up as its impact as a corporate image-shaper grows. The Internet has been a game-changer for service, providing the platform for customers to trumpet their happiness or discontent to a ready audience. They’re putting providers on notice that they have power beyond their individual spending.

Companies that take this notice to heart understand they must deliver the best possible experience each time they get the opportunity and, further, leverage every opportunity to deepen customer relationships. Ultimately, delivering that experience depends on ready access to accurate customer data. It’s a straightforward goal, but creating high-level customer visibility into customer data and making it accessible to relevant parties — agents, partners, customers — requires that support organizations surmount a number of inherent challenges. On the technology front, current best practices for meeting these challenges call for deploying:

  • Integrated customer service application suites with VoIP
  • Multichannel service delivery
  • Realtime and historical reporting and analysis
  • Adaptable workflow

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