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In today's marketplace, competition is fierce. Customer expectations are continually rising, while at the same time profit margins are narrowing. This environment requires companies to foster customer loyalty and work to retain current customers, putting the customer service organization directly in the spotlight. As a result, service and support centers have increased pressure to deliver a high quality customer experience and ensure internal operations are working at optimum efficiency.

Professionals operating in this environment need to have a thorough understanding of the latest trends, technologies and tools that can enable them to better serve their customers, streamline operations, cut costs and increase productivity.

Recognizing this, Carolyn Healey launched ( in April of 1999 to specifically address the needs of those working in the support center, help desk and call center environments. As the industry grew and expanded, ( was created in July 2001 to embrace the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market, extending the focus to sales and marketing professionals. A year later, RecognizeServiceExcellence ( went live to provide senior level executives with comprehensive information on how to effectively create a corporate culture that fosters excellent customer service.

Collectively, our web sites consolidate the vast amounts of industry-related information available daily and brings together the most relevant and useful content. Membership to all the sites is free and includes such benefits as in-depth weekly e.newsletters, free research reports, vendor guides, featured articles, expert insights and more.

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Site Specific Information provides senior level service and support professionals direct access to information on the most relevant areas in customer support, including enterprise strategies, people issues, technology, trends and research. This data enables support professionals to benchmark and improve their customer support operation. Members are responsible for the help desk and customer support operation of their company. Titles include Director/VP/Manager of Customer Support and Help Desk, CEO, COO and CIO.
Customers don't just deal with the support operation - they interact with accounting, sales, marketing - all departments of the company. Managing every customer communication channel, or customer relationship management (CRM), is key to the continued success of any enterprise. provides members information and tools to successfully become a customer-centric company. Members are high-level decision makers responsible for Customer Relationship Management in their company. Titles include Director/VP/Manager of Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support. was developed to provide senior-level executives with the information they need to effectively create a corporate culture that promotes great service. Topics include training, leadership, teams, reward & recognition, the new workforce and more. Members are senior-level executives whose titles include Director/VP/Manager of Customer Support and Help Desk, Quality, Training, CEO, and COO.