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Company Profile

TeamSupport is a web based, enterprise class customer support management system designed for B2B technology companies as well as institutions providing internal support.  In short, we help companies excel at managing their customer support communications through the channel most comfortable to them - telephone, web, e-mail or chat - all from the cloud.

TeamSupport also helps companies break down departmental silos.  Customer Support, Product Development, Product Management and various IT teams can easily share data across the enterprise.  This keeps everyone in the loop - including the customer base - and dramatically increases customer satisfaction.

Product/Service Information

TeamSupport includes many features and benefits that include:

  • Team collaboration tools that enable functional areas of your operation and easily share data.
  • E-mail integration that consolidates all agent/customer correspondence within your tickets.
  • Customer self service portals that provide ticket management and knowledge base articles 24/7 to your customers.
  • Live customer chat helps resolve customer issues and increase time to resolution rates.
  • Mobile Access that allows you to manage your tickets on any mobile device and keep your customers happy while you are on the go.
  • Advanced ticket management allows you to organize tickets in a way that makes sense to your operation.  Create ticket "buckets", tagging, parent/child relationships, and enhanced priorities with the ticket queue.
  • Comprehensive customer database where tickets link directly to organizations and individuals allowing you to know exactly what is going on with each customer.
  • Powerful reporting capabilities allow you to create "ad-hoc" reports to fit any need.
  • Product & Asset tracking so you know what products your customers have and any issues they are having with specific products.
  • RESTful API allows you to hook into TeamSupport and connect third-party applications.

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